This is the habit makes you gain weight quickly

In recent years, some trends on beauty, health, fashion, among others, have been growing, such as healthy lifestyle, exercise promotion, invitations to walk and others, as well as trying to break with the stereotype that the woman with a few extra kilos is not beautiful.

However, many people during the pandemic in 2020, for example, drastically lost weight, as they used their energy to exercise at home and thus achieved an ideal weightaccording to their height, because by some habits that they maintained they did not have it.

In fact, one of those most famous cases is that of the renowned Hollywood actress, Rebel Wilson, who was characterized as the curvaceous actress, who shed those extra pounds with exercise.

being overweight is a public health disease – Photo: Getty Images

In this sense, it must be said that habits influence and often determine the behavior of the body in various circumstances and it is these habits that influence the proper functioning of the organism.

For example, drinking water frequently, walking, sunbathing, exercising or eating certain foods can help maintain a healthy weight, or, on the contrary, favor the appearance of diseases of all kinds, whether they are muscular, in the organs vital (heart, kidneys, lungs, stomach, etc.).

Therefore, it is also important to have a balanced diet with fruits, vegetables and liquid that helps maintain good health.

Overweight is having a weight greater than that related to height – Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto

In this order of ideas, a habit to which people do not give the importance it really deserves enters the panorama, and it is the fact of sleeping, which is vital to enjoy good health and optimal functioning of the body.

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And it is that the dream is relevant, according to Infosalusbecause at that moment the body “When sleeping, it secretes melatonin, a hormone that is involved in regulating the immune system (defenses). In the vertebral column, the intervertebral discs regenerate and fill with a fundamental substance to perform their shock-absorbing function; just as the skin and eyesight regenerate throughout the night”.

silk covers
Sleeping well helps to recover energy – Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto

In addition to this, although for many it is incredible that the fact of sleeping can influence weight, this does affect it. This, because you don’t sleep well it can affect metabolism (which could trigger an increase in body weight), because “the levels of leptin and ghrelin in the body, the hormones responsible for appetite, go out of control and to create a feeling of satiety”, adds Infosalus.

Sleep well
The sleep window allows you to have a restful sleep. Getty Images. – Photo: Getty Images

While, according to HM Hospitales, Those who “sleep less than 7 hours or work at night activate a gene called ‘Period’, which is related to obesity and cardiovascular risk. This gene is responsible for regulating sleep schedules and seasonal mood swings. ‘In children and adolescents, the relationship between obesity and overweight and little sleep is greater’”, as revealed by the European study program called ‘Helena’.

Sleeping helps to recover the body and eliminate dead cells – Photo: Getty Images

Added to this, when you don’t sleep well at night, your appetite increases and this generates more and more desire to eat, just as these increase when it is time to sleep, that is why many times at night, late in the day, people seek to eat.

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In accordance with Medline Plus, It’s so important that you don’t do it; that is, not sleeping can cause you to feel tired and affect performance, including your ability to think clearly, react quickly, and form memories. This can lead you to make bad decisions and put yourself in risky situations.”

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