This is the internet speed needed to work from home

One of the most important things needed for remote work is an internet connection. On certain occasions, the most basic megabytes is enough, since sometimes it is only necessary to send emails, modify a drive or browse web pages.

However, the work can be complicated when many activities are carried out, reason why the fiber optic internet connection must be 1GB.

With this amount, people will be able to browse at maximum speed from a computer, whether it is a desktop or a laptop. According to the portal actelsershop, users will be able to be connected to the network all the devices in the house without losing much bandwidth.

It is important to keep in mind the internet connection to work from home. – Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto

However, the number of electronic devices must be kept in mind, since a constant download or any other activity can slow down the internet.

Now, so that this does not happen, the portal computer today recommends some methods to improve the speed of the internet and the Wi-Fi connection and they are the following:

Make a wifi map

Wi-Fi waves are invisible, but there are different applications that measure their intensity, that is, a home plan can be made to define which places have the most coverage. Among the applications that stand out the most are Heatmapper or Netspot.


Use tools such as wireless amplifiers or PCL devices, which are intended to improve coverage and thus bring the cable connection to other places in the house.

Update firmware

Few users know that the router have a firmware, which is the operating system of the device. Updating this system may fix bugs and improve the performance of the router. To achieve this, you must enter the interface and in the settings look for the ‘Update’ option.

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location of router

A correct location of the router It can considerably improve the Internet connection, which is why the following recommendations should be kept in mind:

  • Do not place obstacles nearby, that is, doors, walls and others.
  • Place it in an elevated position.
  • Avoid putting it with other electronic devices.
Router. – Photo: Getty Images

Is it bad to have data and wifi activated at the same time?

Usually, some smart device users keep wifi on their phone permanently without realizing that mobile phone data is also on. For many this is usually a problem, since the data consumption would be high and they would not be benefiting from the Wi-Fi network.

However, keeping these two features enabled is beneficial for your internet connection and improves device performance, even if you incur double the cost. In fact, the web portal The Republic of Peru explains that by remaining activated the data and Wi-Fi will improve the speed of the internet connection and it will be possible to get more out of the smartphone. With this, it must be borne in mind that once the wireless connection is exited, this option will be deactivated, leaving only the mobile data option.

It is important to keep in mind that what differentiates Wi-Fi from mobile data is where it comes from. As such, mobile data arrives through a mobile network and from a cell tower, while the Wi-Fi comes from a modem to which the Internet connection reaches through a fiber optic cable or ADSL.

In case you only want to use the Wi-Fi network without having to use mobile data at the same time, there is an automatic way to deactivate mobile data when mobile data is connected. This will not only benefit data savings, but the battery of the mobile device.

Reference photo on the use of Wifi
Keeping these two functions activated is beneficial for the internet connection and improves the performance of the device. – Photo: Getty Images
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To do this, you only have to go to Settings, About phone, Software information. Right there you will see an option called Build number. What you have to do is press seven times repeatedly until the developer mode is activated. When performing this procedure, the security code of the phone will be requested to verify that you are the owner of the device and by verifying it you can go back.

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