This is the mathematical formula to find true love, according to an expert

These days and in the midst of the celebration of Valentine’s Day, many people continue to search, without success, for the ideal partner. They go to dating apps, hang out with friends, or go places to meet people, but none of this delivers satisfactory results.

Given this, it went viral again an old mathematical formula that according to one of its creators, the mathematician Gihan Marasingha, from the University of Exeter, in the United Kingdom, is the key to finding the ideal partner.

This equation is based on what experts call the ‘TTheory of the optimal stopping problem”, which is also known in the world as the 37% rule. Although this formula is not exclusive to matters of the heart, according to experts it can work perfectly to rule out suitors while waiting to find the perfect candidate at the right time.

There are situations where a love breakup can cause more damage than a physical injury, according to mental health experts. Photo: Getty Images. – Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto

According to those who have studied this formula, the idea is that during 37% of your single period you do not fall in love, because after this stage, the chances of finding true love increase. This is called the rejection stage, and letting go could spell heart trouble down the road.

After this phase, You already enter the commitment stage, where according to mathematics, you are much more likely to find the ideal partner. In this order of ideas, what you should do is choose the first candidate who really turns out to be better than those you have already met during the previous phase or even in this new stage.

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“To have the highest chance of choosing the best suitor, you must have rejected the first 37% of the suitor pool.” says the theory cited by the Daily Mail.

The mathematician advises giving a rating to each of the suitors with whom he has dated to be able to know, based on this same scale, which candidate is better than the previous ones and thus be able to define himself by him.

Valentine's Day is a very important holiday for lovers.
Valentine’s Day is a very important holiday for lovers, but in some countries it is prohibited. – Photo: Getty Images

So far is the part that corresponds to those who are looking for a partner, Well, you must take into account that even if you have already made your choice, you must count on the feelings of the person in front of you, since this mathematical rule does not guarantee that the person you chose will fall in love with you.

Tricks to spot scammers on dating apps

cybersecurity experts make a call to be attentive to any sign that could alert naive lovers to the presence of a possible scam.

The profile of these people, men and women, who take advantage of the desire of others to share an invitation, It can be the front door for them to trick you and steal your data, your bank accounts, your profiles on social networks or leave you without money.

Dating apps are a very popular resource among singles looking for a partner.
Dating apps are a very popular resource among singles looking for a partner. – Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto

How a scammer acts on dating apps

  • Try getting him off dating apps: A few minutes after starting a conversation, he looks for a way to direct it to another platform: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc., this in order to sift through the information that you share and have information that could be useful to him.
  • Not all that glitters is gold: Scammers do not keep flattery when it comes to executing their plans, so they will begin to persuade you with romantic messages, beautiful phrases and will even begin to make unthinkable plans with you.
  • He is evasive and does not like face-to-face encounters: you will always have an excuse to avoid an appointment and cancel at the last minute. At this point they can launch their first attack and ask for financial help to solve family emergencies or life and death problems.
  • They ask for private data: Although they do not do it directly, these characters know how to manage to get private data such as credit card numbers, private keys, or sensitive data that can provide your plan. Be careful not to fall into the game.
  • Financial problems: They tend to sell themselves as successful businessmen for whom money is not an inconvenience, but there will always come a time when a supposed business fails them and they turn to you for financial help. Do not give it and cancel the conversation immediately.
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