This is the number of times you should wash your hair to prevent hair loss

Hair loss is a problem that can affect some people and can become a headache. the web portal Glamorspecialized in beauty and personal care, explains that it is important to have a routine hair that stands out for good habits. The frequency of washing, the temperature of the water and the products that are applied are aspects that must be taken into account to keep the hair strand healthy; and thus contribute to the prevention of its fall.

First of all, the website indicates that many people make the mistake of using too hot water when bathing. In addition to mistreating and drying out the hair, these high temperatures have negative effects on the health of the skin.

Experts indicate that bathing every day with hot water can cause dandruff and hair loss.  Photo: Getty images.
Experts recommend that the water temperature be cold or lukewarm. Photo: Getty images. – Photo: Photo: Getty images.

“Hot water and long showers or baths strip the natural oils from the skin. Limit the duration of the bath or shower and use lukewarm water instead of hot water ”, indicate the experts of Mayo Clinic, non-profit entity dedicated to clinical practice, education and research.

Secondly, it is of great importance to use the right products and in the correct way to reduce the risk of hair loss. If you have dyed your hair, specialized products should be used. The shampoo should be applied to the scalp and not all over the hair, as some people tend to do.

“Put the shampoo on the ends or rub it hard to ‘wash well‘, are mistakes that cause more hair to fall out. The ideal is to put the shampoo in the palms of the hands, spread it all over the roots with gentle circular massages with the fingertips (never the nails) and use the foam to clean the ends. If you want a bit of volume and capillary strength, use this tip to apply the shampoo to your hair”, he highlights. Glamor.

There is a wide variety of hair care products. – Photo: Getty Images
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Regarding the frequency of hair washing, several aspects must be specified. First, each hair is different, so those who have straight hair do not have the same number of washes as those who have curly, curly, or wavy hair. Likewise, the state of each hair, whether it is dry or greasy, also influences this practice.

“There is a myth that washing your hair every day causes it to fall out, but it is false. The reality is that you have to wash when necessary -it depends on the type of hair and activities of each person-, since the overproduction of sebaceous mixed with dirt, can form fungi and cause infections that favor excessive hair loss”, points out the web portal.

It is important to consult a dermatologist to receive professional advice on hair care, especially if you suffer from hair loss.

Hair loss

During the day, the human being usually loses 50 to 100 strands of hair. This is not noticeable because more new hair grows at the same time. For this It is normal to find some small rolls of accumulated hair on the combs, on the floor and in the shower.

The best foods to prevent hair loss.
Why does hair fall happen? – Photo: Getty Images

In addition to being hereditary, there are several factors that cause hair loss, according to the Mayo Clinic.

  • Medicines: hair loss can be the result of a side effect of some pills. For example, drugs used to treat diseases such as cancer, arthritis, depression, heart problems, and high blood pressure.
  • Events: Stress is one of the factors that most affects the health of the human body. One of those negative effects is observed in the hair. Some people tend to notice hair loss after chaotic experiences, physical or emotional shocks.
  • Treatments: discolorations, constant changes of dye, braids and hairstyles in which the hair is very stretched can cause its fall. Mayo Clinic points out that this hair loss is called traction alopecia. Excessive use of hot oils and popular perms are also a cause.
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