This is the place where charging your cell phone could irreversibly damage it

The battery of smartphones can be considered as the most important feature, because without it, the other tools of the mobile device do not work.

The cell phone charge is scheduled for six or eight hours of continuous use, however it depends on the number of applications installed, since some require higher requirements to be compatible with the phone. that is, additional resources are consumed.

That is why, this tool with the passage of time is the one that deteriorates the most, reason why care should be taken when charging mobile devices, as well as application management.

Battery charging is a concern for smartphone users. – Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto

There are different tips for the battery to have a long duration. For example, using the original charger is the most essential, since if a generic one is used, the battery can become inflated, which would lead to the amount of energy needed not being regulated.

It is also important to avoid fast charging chargers, 40W or more, at all costs, because this considerably degrades the battery of the device.

Another method that must be kept in mind is that the battery should not be completely depleted, since they are made of Lithium. The best option is to start the charge at 20% and finish it up to 80%.

Using a case when charging the device can cause battery overheating and breakage of the charging connector, which is why it must be removed when charging.

However, another thing that users should avoid is charging cell phones in places where there are public plugs, since an overload can be generated. In addition, security can be compromised, because cloning devices can be connected to some sockets, which can access the personal data of people.

Leaving your phone charging overnight can damage its battery.
Leaving your phone charging overnight can damage its battery. – Photo: Getty Images
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This is how you should calibrate your cell phone battery at home to extend its duration and useful life

The task of calibrating the battery represents applying some actions so that the phone’s operating system (iOS or Apple) matches the information that the phone exposes about the level of energy it has.

This is because in In certain cases there is no proper setting and the smartphone may indicate that it has 15%, but it actually has less energy.

This difference between the information displayed on the screen and the actual charge left in the device can cause unexpected power outages and other problems for the phone.

For this reason, it is of great importance to calibrate the equipment to correct the failure and thus have real information about the energy level of the cell phone.

It should be noted that all smartphone batteries deteriorate over the years and this affects the ability to store and retain energy, but generally the equipment’s software does not take this deterioration into account.

For this reason, it can show wrong information about the level of charge it has. To calibrate the battery of an Android phone, the following steps must be executed:

  • You have to fully discharge the cell phone battery until it turns off.
  • Connect the phone to a charger that is plugged into an electrical outlet.
  • Without turning on the cell phone, it must be allowed to charge until the screen indicates that it has reached 100%.
  • Disconnect the equipment from the charger.
  • Turn on the device and verify that the charge indicator continues to indicate that it is at 100%.
  • Back to letting the phone run out of power.
  • Charge the device again.
  • Restart the smartphone so that the equipment takes the changes made by the user.
cell phone battery
Do not let the cell phone battery completely discharge. Getty Images. – Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto
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For calibrate the battery of an iPhone the following steps must be executed:

  • The battery should be allowed to reach 0%.
  • When the phone turns off, it will have to be left still for three hours.
  • Charge the equipment, without turning it on and using its original cable and charger.
  • At the moment the equipment shows that it has reached 100%, it will have to be left connected for a longer time.
  • Back to letting the iPhone run out of battery.
  • Again wait three hours.
  • Charge the device until it reaches 100%.

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