This is the time a woman should wait to dye her hair again without mistreating it

Some people turn to hair dye to change their appearance and look younger, others to change their looks and others to hide their gray hair. Coloring your hair is an option that can cause damage to your hair. Therefore, great care must be taken about how it is done, who does it, and how often it is done. It is important to undergo this type of procedure with stylists specialized in colorimetry.

In his section of Beauty, the web portal Sports world explains that the frequency to paint the hair varies between 4 to 6 weeks. However, several aspects must be taken into account. First of all, observe the state of the hair.

Dry and damaged hair
If the hair looks bad, the ideal is to avoid dyeing it. – Photo: Getty Images/Image Source

“If you notice that it dries out, becomes sticky, loses its shine or breaks easily between dyeing and dyeing, you should allow more time to pass between treatments, before painting it again,” says the web portal.

Second, you should analyze whether you have gray hair and how often it tends to appear. “If you are prone to many, you will need to apply dye more frequentlyalthough it will not be necessary to do it for all your hair, but simply at the roots, especially if you have it very dark ”, add website.

Finally, the type of dye must be taken into account, whether it is semi-permanent or permanent, and the tone that was applied to the hair, depending on whether it was darker or lighter tones than the natural base.

Just by adding 1/4 of the water to the dye, before mixing it with the hydrogen peroxide, the hair color will be able to last a little longer than expected.
Some people turn to dyes to hide gray hair. – Photo: Getty Images / FG Trade
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“If you choose three to four shades of color lighter than your natural hair, you will need to dye more often. For example, if you go from a brown to a blonde, since you will quickly see the birth of the dark roots on your golden hair”, indicates Sports world.

It should be noted that it is of great importance to receive the advice of an expert in colorimetry before applying any dye to the hair, to avoid damage to hair health or reduce the risk.

Key tips for caring for hair after being dyed

better with healtha web portal specializing in health and personal care, provides some tips for moisturizing and caring for your hair after dyeing it.

1. Hydration

Hydration is a very important step in colored hair, as this type of hair tends to become too dehydrated. “There are intensive conditioning products such as hydrating masks that are ideal for combating the damage caused by dyeing. These products keep hair nourished and hydrated. It is advisable to apply them once a week and let them act for a while to obtain a better result,” he recommends. better with health.

2. Washing

After dyeing your hair, you must wait at least 24 hours to wash it again. Depending on the type of hair, washing may vary. Some people consider that the number of times they wash their hair influences the duration of the dyes. On this, experts clarify that it influences temporary and non-permanent dyes.

Taking a shower
Hair should not be washed with too hot water. – Photo: Getty Images
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3. Suitable products

When dyeing the hair, other needs must be taken into account that appear as maintaining the tone, brightness and intensity of the color. For this reason, the shampoo should not be the same one that was used before dyeing, but rather a special product.

“These products contain mild formulas that nourish the hair fiber and, in addition to fixing the pigments, reduce color oxidation. By using these shampoos, we will help the color tone to remain intact for a long time. If we don’t, the pigments are lost faster and the hair becomes opaque and without light”, explains the web portal.

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