This is worth Elon Musk’s satellite internet service in Colombia

Given the growing need for an internet connection, it is essential to have a fast and efficient network. That is why the mogul and owner of Twitter, Elon Musk, created Starlink, a service that works hand in hand with Musk’s companies.

This new service aims to reach the regions with the most difficult access, which is why it is already working in Colombia and can be contracted through its main page.

Likewise, this new form of connection is expected to have telephone, radio, television and of course WiFi services. In addition, it will provide its services independently or as an operator for other telecommunications companies.

Wifi. – Photo: Getty Images

It is worth mentioning that the former ICT Minister, Carmen Ligia Valderrama, at the time stated that the arrival of this new service in the country “will mean a substantial improvement in the way in which the regions will be connected, because thanks to satellite technology the offer in the market.

According to the company, the cost of broadband internet for remote and rural places will be 210,000 pesos per month. Similarly, the equipment will have a single price of 2,200,000 pesos, which will be installed in the home as quickly as possible.

The average speed will be 130 Mbps, which will be between 50 and 200 Mbps depending on the location. The company currently has around 3,000 satellites in orbit; however, his goal is to reach 12,000 with the purpose of getting a better connection in the world.

Is it bad to leave the WiFi router on all day?

He router It is a device to distribute the WiFi signal around the house, buildings or any part of the city; This device has been the favorite for the internet, but at the same time, ignored by people.

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Through this device you can connect mobile devices, computers, televisions, tablets and other technological devices. In most cases, this equipment is usually on all day, which is why the question grows if it is good or bad to leave it on all that amount of time.

It is important to mention that if the router 24 hours a day, nothing will happen, since these devices are designed to work that way and have internet all the time.

With easy-to-use apps you can detect devices connected to Wi-Fi.  Photo: Getty images.
With easy-to-use apps you can detect devices connected to Wi-Fi. Photo: Getty Images. – Photo: PhotoGettyimages

Also, the router it uses little energy unlike other devices that are in the home. However, several experts recommend turning off the technological equipment at least once every two months, due to the change of IP that Internet companies offer from time to time.

Now, among all the ports that these devices have on their backs, the majority for making Internet connections, there is one that could be very useful in some cases, especially in emergencies, which is USB and most people do not they know it exists.

That is why there are some uses that could be given to the router’s USB port. However, there are models of these devices that do not incorporate this function.

charge other devices

In some cases, devices such as cell phones or wireless headphones can be connected to computers, with the aim of charging them without having to plug them into the current. Well, the USB port of the router of the internet, could fulfill the same function of generating energy.

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Connect cooling devices

Where is the connected routerthere are other elements that need current, causing the space to maintain high temperatures, damaging the devices that are connected or nearby, including the router.

The router signal is essential for a good internet connection.
The router signal is essential for a good internet connection. – Photo: Gettyimages

Connect printers to the network

Currently, the printers that are sold in the market offer connectivity to the cloud, but if you have a slightly older version at home, Of those that do not allow sending or receiving files over the Internet, this function could be adopted by connecting it to the USB port of the router.

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