This was the first great goal by Juan Fernando Quintero with the Junior de Barranquilla shirt

This Sunday, March 12, Junior from Barranquilla faced Envigado at the Metropolitano stadium, with the aim of getting up from his bad streak that has him in the last places of the Betplay League position table and the elimination he suffered in the Copa Sudamericana at the hands of Deportes Tolima last Thursday.

And although Junior does not raise his head and accumulated another defeat that left him in last place in the Betplay League standings, the only good news is that Juan Fernando Quintero’s first goal came wearing the rojiblanca shirt. And Although the goal did not help save the sharks from defeat, it did demonstrate the great talent of the former River Plate player.

The game was already 2-0 in favor of Envigado surprisingly. And Quintero was desperate to turn the game around and avoid a new defeat for the shark. For this reason, only three minutes after the second goal for the oranges, the referee whistled a dangerous free kick in favor of the locals, who, as expected, would kick the number 10 of the rojiblancos.

Juan Fernando Quintero scored his first goal in Junior but could not avoid the defeat of his team. Photo: Dimayor. – Photo: Photo: Dimayor.

Juan Fernando Quintero took the ball and with his left leg took the free kick in which he sent the ball into the corner of the Envigado goal, scoring a true goal that discounted the game and allowed the former player from Medellín to shout his first goal since his arrival at the Barranquillero team.

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The fans cheered with their souls for the first goal of their great reinforcement and the great investment of the managers for the 2023 season. However, none of this was enough, since the minutes passed and the shark was never able to tie the game. Envigado took the three points and left the rojiblanco team, which surprisingly is last in the Colombian soccer standings, in a deep crisis.

Juan Fernando Quintero.  Photo: Junior from Barranquilla.
Juan Fernando Quintero to Junior de Barranquilla was the most expensive signing in the history of Colombian soccer. – Photo: Junior from Barranquilla.

A new defeat that sends Junior to the bottom of the table

In the first half of the game there were not many emotions, however, the clear intention of looking for the opposite goal was Junior de Barranquilla. But these arrivals were never clear and allowed, with the passing of the minutes, that the visiting team was establishing itself on the field.

In the second half, the Antioquia team came out more ambitious to look for Sebastián Viera’s goal and that was how, at minute 53, Steven Cuervo managed to open the scoring and give Envigado the advantage in the Barranquilla stadium. Concern returned to the fans and the team led by Arturo Reyes.

Everything got worse at minute 69, when Juan Zapata scored 2-0 in favor of Envigado and showed that they are a team that can win on any pitch. Juan Fernando Quintero and his companions did not understand what was happening. While from the stands the desperation of the junior fans began to be felt.

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Just three minutes later, Juan Fernando Quintero had a free kick in favor and managed to score his first goal since returning to Colombian professional soccer. The man from Antioquia scored a great goal from a free kick, the first with the rojiblanca shirt, but there was not much celebration due to the desire to go back to turn the score at home.

Envigado defeated Junior in Barranquilla.  Photo: Dimayor.
Envigado defeated Junior in Barranquilla. Photo: Dimayor. – Photo: Dimayor

The minutes passed and the Junior players began to look more and more desperately for the equalizing goal. But every time Envigado tried to attack it was dangerous and it seemed that the visiting team’s third goal could come. However, it does not happened.

The game ended with six minutes of addition in which the sharks were above the Envigado area looking to tie the game, but they failed to do so and the victory ended up being for those led by Alberto Suárez who took three important points from the Metropolitano de Barranquilla stadium .

For his part, Junior, accumulated a new defeat and each time His sports crisis is worse, since now he is last in the standings and was left without an international tournament. Therefore, the continuity of coach Arturo Reyes begins to be questioned, since he has only been able to win one game all year. He even managed three games in 2022 and failed to win any of them either.

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