This was the great goal scored by Edwin Cardona’s sister: “they play very similar”

Seems like it’s in their blood. The excellent talent and magic to hit the free kick ball is the hallmark of the Cardona family.

Edwin, a Racing player, his power and location have led him to distinguish himself in professional soccer in clubs such as Nacional, Junior, Santa Fe, Monterrey in Mexico, Boca Juniors, Pachuca, Tijuana and currently in Racing, in Argentina.

Mateo, his brother, has also shown a good footing in Envigado, Once Caldas, Dorados de Sinaloa, Santa Fe, Cúcuta Deportivo, Boca Junior de Cali and currently in Delfines del Este, in the Dominican Republic.

However, the footballer woman in the family is not far behind. The player, who has gone through Independiente Medellín, Junior de Barranquilla and Atlético Nacional, scored one of the best goals of date 6 in the 2023 women’s league.

Edwin Cardona and his sister Geraldine Cardona. Both excel in soccer. – Photo: Rodrigo Valle – Getty Images South America and @atlnacionalfem

With Atlético Nacional, Geraldine faced Deportivo Cali and around minute 62, Stefanía Perlaza committed a foul near the area of ​​the purslane paisas, against Yésica Muñoz.

Yeimi Martínez, the match judge, did not hesitate to whistle the free kick on the edge of the area for the visiting team, and Geraldine Cardona stood in front of the ball.

With class, softness, but great talent, she beat Stefany Castaño, the goalkeeper in charge of protecting the area from the sugar bowls. It was a charge to the side edge that has stolen all the applause.

Geraldine Cardona, the woman from a family talented in soccer.
Geraldine Cardona, the woman from a family talented in soccer. – Photo: @atlnacionalfem
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However, the happiness was short-lived, because at 67, the defense of the Paisa squad Ángela Barón committed a foul on Juana Ortegón inside the area and, after determining the maximum penalty in favor of the local team, Stefanía Perlaza sent her to save.

Goalkeeper Vanessa Córdoba could do nothing. The final result was 1-1.

Thus, Deportivo Cali adds its second draw and settles in fifth position in the table, while Atlético Nacional-FI completes 5 points and is partially in tenth position in the tournament.

“We knew we were facing a great rival, but I’m leaving happy. The teams are growing from less to more and the league becomes more competitive ”, Geraldine Cardona said at the end of the meeting.

Geraldine Cardona, sister of Edwin Cardona and a great goal for the draw between Nacional and Cali
Geraldine Cardona, sister of Edwin Cardona and a great goal for the draw between Nacional and Cali. – Photo: @atlnacionalfem

That was the game

Stadium: Deportivo Cali, Palmyra.

Judge: Yeimy Martinez (Cauca).

Cali Department: Stefany Castaño; Stefanía Perlaza, Isabel Dehakiz, Angie Salazar, Lizeth Ocampo, María Morales, Gisela Pino, Juana Ortegón (Fabiana Vallejos 74′), Valerin Loboa (Carolina Troncoso 2T), Michelle Vásquez (Diana Celis 82′), Paula Quintero (Laura Daniela Orozco 2T). DT Sergio ‘Checho’ Angulo.

Goals: Stefanía Perlaza 68′ (penalty).

Banns: Angie Salazar 30′.

Atl. National: Vanessa Cordoba; Nairelis Gutiérrez, Ángela Barón, Mary José Álvarez, Verónica Arcila, Liz Katerine Osorio, Geraldine Cardona, Yulissa Alejandra Sánchez (Sara Córdoba 56′), Yirleidys Quejada (Valeria Agudelo 90′), Laura Aguirre, Yésica Paola Muñoz. DT Marco Antonio Barrios.

Goals: Geraldine Cardona 62′.

Banns: Nairelis Gutierrez 39′, Liz Katerine Osorio 85′.

Pereira is the leader of the Women’s League with 16 points; América and Santa Fe, second and third with 12 units each. DIM and Deportivo Cali have 11 points. Llaneros adds 10; Equidad 9, Huila 7, Junior 6 and Nacional close the top 10 adding 5 points.

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The tournament’s goalscorers are Mayerli Preciado from Llaneros and Íngrid Vidal from América with four goals each.

*With information from Fémina Fútbol.

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