This way you can add music to the Apple Watch

Apple has been characterized within the technology market for offering a wide range of devices and updates for all its users. In addition to its iconic iPhone, the technology giant has also worked on the development of its Apple Watch, a device that also houses a wide list of functions.

One of them is to add music. As explained on its support page, when the user adds music to their Apple Watchyou can listen anywhere, even if you don’t have your iPhone handy.

In that order of ideas, he notes that Apple Watch allows the user to incorporate specific playlists and albums using the ‘Apple Watch’ app available on the iPhone. Likewise, if you have an Apple Music subscription, it is also possible to add music directly with the ‘Music’ app.

Steps to add music to Apple Watch

The steps to follow vary depending on the model and the bridge to be used, that is, if it will be done from the iPhone or directly on the Apple Watch.

  • Add music using iPhone
  • Open the Apple Watch app on iPhone.
  • Select the ‘My Watch’ > ‘Music’ option.
  • In ‘Playlists and albums’ select the ‘Add music’ option.
  • Select albums and playlists to sync with Apple Watch.

“In watchOS 9.1 and later, music is added when you bring your Apple Watch close to your iPhone. In earlier versions of watchOS, your Apple Watch must also be connected to power”, Apple specifies in its Apple Watch User Manual.

How to add music to Apple Watch?

  • Open the ‘Music’ app available on the Apple Watch.
  • Press ‘Listen’ or ‘Search’, and go back to the elements that you want to add.
  • Select a playlist or album and choose the ‘Add to Library’ option.
  • A message will then appear to confirm that the item has been added.
apple watch – Photo: Courtesy iShop
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This is how you can incorporate training playlists to Apple Watch

Apple Watch also allows you to add a playlist from your music library that automatically plays when you start a workout in the ‘Workout’ app on your device.

  • Open the Apple Watch app on iPhone.
  • Please refer to ‘My Watch’ > ‘Training’.
  • Press ‘Playlist’ to train and choose the list of preference.
  • The playlist will automatically be added to ‘My Watch’ > ‘Music’ in the Apple Watch app on iPhone.

Tips to get the most out of Apple Watch features

This watch is the best-selling in the world and has a large number of tools for users. However, the portal Enter provides a series of tips with the aim of getting more out of the technological device.

Turn the clock into a second screen

Simply strapping the Apple Watch to the back of the iPhone turns the watch into a second screen, allowing you to record with the rear camera and see what you’re capturing. Users should make sure that the watch strap fits well to avoid any mishaps.

Apple WatchSeries 7
Apple Watch is the best-selling smartwatch in the world – Photo: PA

Control the iPhone camera

Through this method, you can take a group photo without any inconvenience, since you can control the timer and review the screen from the Apple Watch. Just press the crown of the watch and search among the applications for the camera icon and press on it.

Turn Apple Watch into a flashlight

To turn on the flashlight on the smartwatch, users need to swipe up from the bottom edge of the screen. That will open the control center where the flashlight section is located, which must be pressed so that the clock screen turns white.

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Cover the clock to silence it

When the watch rings for an incoming call, alarm, or ringtone, simply covering the device with the palm of your hand is enough, as this immediately silences the Apple Watch.

This smartwatch introduced by Apple brings new wellness and fitness features.  According to Apple experts, the device integrates a new function that allows to identify the volume of oxygen in the blood.
This smart watch presented by Apple brings new wellness and fitness functions – Photo: apple press room

find the iphone

On more than one occasion, a user has forgotten the location of their iPhone; however, Apple Watch has a function to find it immediately. To achieve this, you must slide your finger from the bottom up on the clock screen to open the control center and press the button that shows a phone.

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