TikTok and its latest novelty focused on content recommendations

On the afternoon of this Thursday, March 16, TikTok announced that it introduced a new functionality that allows users to reset or reset the ‘For you’ section, which allows its publication recommendation system to start showing more content based on the new interactions.

‘For you’ is a feed in which all the videos that may be of interest to users are collected “after taking into account the preferences of the person, expressed through the interactions of the application, such as posting a comment or following an account”, as expressed on its website.

In addition, the company announced in early February an updated account control system to better deal with repeat infringers. With it, he hoped to more efficiently and quickly remove harmful accounts from the platform.

TikTok seeks improvements for its users. – Photo: Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

With this communication, he also shared that he had begun to test a new feature, which was then only available in some marketswhich would provide content creators which of their videos had been marked as eligible for be recommended in the feed ‘For you’.

In this sense, the social network has now presented a new way to update this feed, a tool focused on recommendations and when they are no longer relevant to users, as he has commented in a press release.

TikTok has said that although posts from this part of the platform “help people discover a diversity of content, creators, communities and products”is aware that the videos he recommends sometimes “do not offer enough variety of topics.”

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To address this issue, you’ve implemented a new way to update these recommendations. Once this tool is activated, which is optional, the social network will show content to users “as if they just registered”, that is, without customizing or filtering around your tastes.

The platform has recalled that this function is added to the set of measures to control the content that are already implemented in its community, such as the omission of future videos from a creator with the label ‘I’m not interested’.

Again, he has detailed how he works “to provide a pleasant viewing experience” and has pointed out that, in addition to removing content that violates his rules and content inappropriate for broad audiences, he also minimizes recommendations for topics that could have a negative impact.

TikTok has been highly questioned by officials from various governments around the world.
TikTok seeks improvements for its users. – Photo: AFP

This is how you can restart the TikTok algorithm to see other types of publications on the feed

The TikTok algorithm is one that reviews all the posts with which users interact, with the purpose of showing similar content.

However, at some point of connection by users, they may inadvertently open a post and then be exposed to something similar, reason for which they will go out regularly in the feed of social networks.

To avoid this problem, the best option will be to restart the algorithm and determine again the publications that you want to see. To make it, the following steps must be carried out:


According to the portal The Republic from Peru, the process to restart the algorithm on TikTok can be complicated, which is why the best option will be to hold down the video and select the ‘I’m not interested’ section. However, the following process can be followed to restart the Chinese native platform.

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TikTok seeks improvements for its users. – Photo: NurPhoto via Getty Images
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