TikTok updates and launches a big change that would put an end to repetitive content

TikTok announced the launch of a new feature that allows users to update their ‘For You’ feed, in case the recommendations are no longer relevant or they have an interest in seeing new content.

The same way, the platform presented another update that helps prevent repetitive recommendations from appearing, In this way, the user would have more chances of finding new content that fits their tastes and interests.

Although ‘For You’ feeds can help discover a diversity of content, creators or communities, the Bytedance social network recognizes that in certain instances they could fail to provide the sufficient variety of options that the user requires.

In response to this situation, the new way to update the recommendations of the “For you” feed was implemented, when the tool is activated the user will be able to see other content as if it were a new TikTok account.

TikTok updates the options to view content in the feed. – Photo: TikTok Official / Provided as a courtesy to Sklaper

In this way, the recommendation system of the social network would show more content based on the new interactions that the user makes in their profile.

On the other hand, the social platform assured that its new function is complemented by a series of content controls that the service already offers, which are so available for the user personalize their experience on the platform.

Currently, a person can automatically filter videos that use specific hashtags or phrases from their ‘For You’ feeds, and choose ‘not interested’ to avoid seeing other videos from a particular creator or that use a certain sound.

TikTok allows you to filter the content that appears in the app.
TikTok allows you to filter the content that appears in the app. – Photo: TikTok Official / Provided as a courtesy to Sklaper
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However, activating this update would not override any settings that have been previously made, nor will it affect the accounts that the user follows.

Free apps to edit photos and videos that are a sensation on TikTok

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

This is one of the most complete tools that exist for editing photos from a mobile device. Furthermore, it is a free application that incorporates several tutorials so you can get the most out of your tools.

The platform allows you to alter the lighting of the photos to make a sunrise become a sunset. The same way, custom filters can be produced for use on different images.

However, this is a robust tool and therefore it is recommended to spend some time to understand how its different functions work, this will help to have more resources to modify an image.


This app has a simple and intuitive interface, in addition, it has a large number of filters that can be customized based on the needs or tastes of the user. Added to this, the automatic correction tool that helps to improve the color, contrast and other elements of the photo.

The platform also has options to generate a blur effect and correct ambient lighting.

google photos

Today this app is much more than a service to save photos in the cloud, its users can use its filters to improve the quality of the images. This platform has an offer wide range of filters along with basic options such as orange or vintage effects.

To use these options it is only necessary to select the photo and double-click on any of the filters that are available in the application.

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However, it should be noted that several Android devices, such as realme or Samsung, have a series of filters and effects can be applied at the moment when a user is going to take a photo. Just review the settings of the camera application to access this resource, which can help capture creative images easily.

In fact, some Xiaomi devices incorporate some effects designed to create short videospopular format on TikTok and Instagram. This option allows you to incorporate special transitions and other visual effects that can help make content more striking.

TikTok has been highly questioned by officials from various governments around the world.
TikTok has been highly questioned by officials from various governments around the world. – Photo: AFP

On the other hand, users of Huawei devices can turn to a tool called Petal Clip, a free video editor that can be downloaded from the App Gallery.

This app has several tools to add animations, stickers, filters, masks, and other effects to a video. In addition, it allows you to trim the clip and alter the elements of the recording. In the same way, the app offers several default templates that can be of great help for content creators on Instagram or Tiktok who need to modify a video in a few minutes.

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