Tips to buy cheap tickets for Easter holidays with digital platforms

There is little more than a month to go before Holy Week begins and as that date approaches, several people have begun to make preparations to travel with their family, with their partner or with a group of friends, during the vacation period in the major week.

Therefore, in the next few days the need to find cheap air ticket options along with accommodation alternatives that are beautiful and that provide all the comfort that travelers require.

As a result of this situation, consulted with experts, who offered several tips to buy cheap tickets online and obtain affordable reservations in good accommodations, during the season of high demand such as Easter.

Many Colombian travelers look for spaces with a pool to spend their Easter holidays. – Photo: Getty Images

Aspects to keep in mind when buying tickets online

To choose a good air ticket it is essential stay informed about the different travel options offered by each airline. In addition, it is key to consider factors such as the airport from which the flight departs and to which it arrives, the price/duration ratio of the flight, the schedules —at unconventional hours, there are usually better prices— and the luggage included, since this factor affects in the fee.

Some cheap flights may have several stopovers and do not include luggage, so it is essential to have all the information in order to choose the best option and not make decisions based exclusively on low prices.

For save on the price of the ticket in high season, consider the option of taking a journey by one airline and returning by another, so that prices or itineraries may be more favorable.

In addition, it is very useful to download the apps from a travel company and create multiple price notifications based on certain destinations so you can take advantage of a special offer that pops up out of the blue.

It is also important to define the number of suitcases that will be taken and if it is necessary to carry some specific items in the hold, this will also help to establish how much money could be invested in the tickets.

Finally, you must constantly quote the prices of the tickets in various applications and websites that are reliable, in this way you can compare the offers and in this way it will be possible to select the best option.

According to the woman's account, on a flight from New York to New Delhi, a passenger came up and urinated on her.
Many people are looking for cheap tickets for the Easter season. – Photo: Getty Images / (c) by Cristóbal Alvarado Minic
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Tips to learn to find good prices

Anticipate your reservation

If the travel date has already been set, it is vital to try to buy the tickets at least one month in advance, this will help to achieve good prices and promotions.

pack to save

When two or more travel products are purchased within the same transaction, you will always get a significant discount compared to booking each service separately. The best known option is to make a combo between the ticket and accommodation, but it is also possible to include activities at the destination, car rental and even medical assistance during the trip.

Tips to buy cheap tickets in high season

  • Plan the entire trip: The ideal is to look for companies that not only offer the flight, but also the hotel, transfers and activities at the destination. Savings can be achieved by bundling, compared to reserving everything separately.
  • Calculate the luggage well: Traveling only with hand luggage is an excellent option, as this factor will affect the cost of the ticket.
  • Consider airports close to the destination: the demand from all airports is not the same and interesting price differences can be found.
  • Turn scales into a profit: Although some travelers find them annoying, a trip with layovers can considerably lower the cost of the ticket. In addition, it can be the perfect opportunity to visit airports of destinations that have never been visited.

Can you get cheaper online tickets if you buy them at dawn?

According to Inés Hochstadter, country manager of Despegar Colombia, Peru and Ecuador, there are several myths about the best time to look for tourism products, but really Industry prices are dynamic for different reasons; depending on the availability of providers, the occupancy factor, the seasonalitythe type of service, anticipation of purchase and average length of stay.

Many users are scammed when buying from fraudulent websites.
Some people think they can buy cheap air tickets by buying them in the early morning – Photo: Getty Images
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Does using the incognito mode of the web browser help me find better prices?

Hochstadter explained that the use of the incognito mode as a resource to get better prices is a myth that exists among some people, in the same way he clarified that digital services try to generate options that are designed based on the tastes of travelers.

“We provide personalized travel options with your search habits in mind. This is achieved thanks to the use of Data Analytics, AI and machine learning tools, through which we customize our offer to suggest travelers packages with the best available prices. Thus, we can understand the behavior patterns of travelers, to offer them proposals truly adapted to their interests”, he explained to WEEK.

In fact, he explained that there is a service such as a ‘price predictor’ that helps identify cost variations based on a history and thus shows the traveler the best option to take at a specific time.

Mistakes that should not be made when buying tickets and reserving accommodation

Not checking reviews: When choosing an accommodation, you should check the rating and the comments that other people have recently posted. Thanks to this resource, it will be possible to know the experience of other travelers in a destination of interest.

Not considering all expenses in advance: A trip not only represents the cost of tickets and lodging, the traveler must also assume the costs of travel, food, fees to access certain tourist sites. For this reason it is key to keep these expenses in mind and especially if you travel to a place that handles another currency.

Not taking advantage of points programs: currently many airlines have mileage earning programs, which are very useful for saving on future trips, For this reason, it is important to register with them and not forget to include the frequent flyer number during the purchase. Buying in Despegar will also have the possibility of adding points with the Despegar Passport, to be partially or totally exchanged in future purchases of tourist products.

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