Top tips for getting the most out of Apple Watch features

The technology giant Apple has worked hard in recent years to try to bring its users the best possible experience through its products. It has done so with mobile devices, hearing aids that went from being wired to wireless, and of course with the Apple Watch smartwatch that brings new features every year.

This watch is the best-selling in the world and has a large number of tools for users. However, the portal Enter provides a series of tips with the aim of getting more out of the technological device and are the following:

Turn the clock into a second screen

Simply strapping the Apple Watch to the back of the iPhone turns the watch into a second screen, allowing you to record with the rear camera and see what you’re capturing. Users should make sure that the watch strap fits well to avoid any mishaps.

Apple Watch is the best-selling smartwatch in the world. – Photo: Courtesy iShop

Control the iPhone camera

Through this method, you can take a group photo without any inconvenience, since you can control the timer and review the screen from the Apple Watch. Just press the crown of the watch and search among the applications for the camera icon and press on it.

Turn Apple Watch into a flashlight

To turn on the flashlight on the smartwatch, users need to swipe up from the bottom edge of the screen. That will open the control center where the flashlight section is located, which must be pressed so that the clock screen turns white.

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Cover the clock to silence it

When the watch rings for an incoming call, alarm, or ringtone, simply covering the device with the palm of your hand is enough, as this immediately silences the Apple Watch.

This smartwatch introduced by Apple brings new wellness and fitness features.  According to Apple experts, the device integrates a new function that allows to identify the volume of oxygen in the blood.
This smartwatch introduced by Apple brings new wellness and fitness features. – Photo: apple press room

find the iphone

On more than one occasion, a user has forgotten the location of their iPhone; however, Apple Watch has a function to find it immediately. To achieve this, you must slide your finger from the bottom up on the clock screen to open the control center and press the button that shows a phone.

Step by step to restart an iPhone if the buttons do not work

iPhone cell phones are one of the most demanded in the technology market, although that does not mean that they always work in their entirety or that they are not exempt from suffering damage, both internal and external. One of the actions that are necessary in most smartphone It is the restart, since this, on several occasions, allows you to update it.

However, not all users fully function the buttons that complement the iPhone, specifically those located on the sides of the tool. In that order of ideas, either because they do not work or want to learn, in a certain case that is needed, there is a common method to restart the creation of Apple.

Buttonless reset

Taking into account data collected from the portal computer todaythere are other types than using buttons when you want to restart an iPhone. One of these alternatives is by going to the settings application, while the other is with the help of the Siri personal assistant.

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1. With the settings app

  • First, go to ‘Settings’ and then ‘General’.
  • Then, the ‘Shutdown’ option appears and must be chosen. Next, we proceed to drag the slider to turn off to the right.
  • Wait 30 seconds and proceed to turn on the iPhone, connecting it to charge the mobile.
Apps / iPhone
There are different methods to restart the mobile device. – Photo: dpa/picture alliance via Getty I

2. With Siri

  • Siri must be activated for the software voice recognition listen to the request without the need to use a button.
  • Then say, “Hey Siri, restart my iPhone.”
  • A pop-up window appears and proceed to select ‘Restart’ to confirm.
  • After this, the Apple cell phone turns off and on by itself.

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