Tricks to avoid severe damage to your cell phone due to high temperatures

Mobile devices have become an indispensable company for people, since a lot of information is handled through them, calls are made, different applications are handled, among many other functions.

However, cell phones are very sensitive to water, dirt, sand, and sun. For example, high temperatures are a danger to the phone, Because if it is exposed to the sun for a long time, the life of the device may be shortened.

In addition, there are other reasons that can overheat the cell phone; one of them is running various applications as well as frequent usage. Leaving the cell phone charging for long periods of time can also have great consequences, especially if the weather temperature is high.

Charging the cell phone for long periods of time brings negative consequences on the device. – Photo: Getty Images

Now, if the mobile is suffering from this problem, there are different methods to prevent it and they are the following:

Lower screen brightness

This method brings great benefits to the phone, especially on the battery. Also, the portal 65 and Over It is recommended to locate under a cover to view the screen in the sun.

remove cover

These types of covers have the objective of protecting the cell phone; however, it also contributes to overheating, which is why it should be removed, especially if you are on hot land. This method allows the grilles of the device to ventilate in a correct way.

Phone cases.
It is important to let the cell phone air out. – Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto
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Activate ‘Airplane mode’

This section allows you to use the basic functions of the cell phone, however it deactivates the applications that act in the background, that is, they cool the device.

air out the phone

This practice is necessary when the smartphone gets hot frequently. People can fan it or place a small fan. It is important to mention that it should not be placed in the refrigerator, as this can accumulate a risk of humidity.

Four bad habits that definitely damage the cell phone battery

From the moment the use of cell phones became popular, all their users arose a dependency on the duration of the battery charge in the device. Although great technological advances such as wireless charging have been incorporated in recent years along with powerful fast charging systems, this situation continues to rob people of their peace of mind.

For this reason, it is very normal for a user to face some difficulties when the battery of their equipment has a short duration and in certain cases they are forced to keep the phone connected to its charger in order to conserve the energy charge.

Keep charge one hundred percent

Specialists recommend keeping the smartphone’s battery charge between 20 and 80%, because in this way you can prevent the power cells from suffering unnecessary wear, this can prevent their useful life from running out prematurely. In the same way, it is a mistake to recharge the cell phone when its energy has reached zero.

Stop chatting or watching series while charging the phone

Some people have the habit of using the device while the computer is charging, without considering that this practice affects the quality of the battery charge and generates an effort on the device. This situation not only affects the performance of the battery, it also impairs the performance of other components of the equipment and, over time, other elements of the phone may be affected.

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Turn off features you don’t need

Using devices consciously is key to optimizing battery life, as many people have the habit of keeping functions such as Wi-Fi or Bluetooth activated when they are not needed. According to Juan Maldonado, PR Manager of OPPO Colombia, This situation causes unnecessary battery drain and therefore the user will have to recharge the equipment. unnecessarily frequently, which accelerates battery deterioration.

There are different methods that can damage the cell phone battery.

Use the original charger

Generally, smartphones have a charging capacity recommended by their manufacturers, this capacity may vary depending on the amperage and watts that the battery can support. For this reason, it is crucial to always use the original cell phone charger or use an option approved by the brand, in order to prevent possible overheating or force the battery to wear more.

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