Tricks to clean iPhone headphones and listen as if they were new

It is very common for mobile devices to accumulate dust and dirt due to their constant use, which can affect their performance; In the case of iPhones, the operation of the headphones or the charging port can be altered, since these are spaces that are rarely subjected to exhaustive cleaning.

For this reason, it is necessary to frequently review these cavities so that you always have good audio quality, both when making or receiving calls or when trying to play some content.

Although many resort to technical services to solve these problems, there are some tricks that will allow you to continue enjoying the device with the same qualities as when it was purchased; however, keep in mind that sometimes the only alternative will be to assist specialized technicians.

The failures with the headphones are usually one of the most constant in the iPhone. – Photo: Manzana

The first recommendation is not to use liquids to carry out any cleaning work, although the manufacturers themselves ensure that the equipment is resistant to dust and water.

The next thing to keep in mind is that the computer must be turned off when undergoing this procedure; Lastly, it is recommended to remove the casing or cover in order to clean the device more effectively.

As for cleaning, first you have to turn the equipment off and on to determine if the sound from the speakers continues to present the fault. Once the problem is identified, turn off the iPhone to start the task.

Use a medium hard toothbrush and brush it gently but steadily across the mesh of the earcups; make sure not to apply too much force, as you may break it. Make movements in a circular way to remove the dirt without problems.

Another method that works to clean iPhone headphones is to use adhesive putty, as this turns out to be very useful for removing dirt on these devices. Stick it on and off several times until the device is totally clean; You can also use this technique with AirPods or other devices.

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The masking tape is also quite useful and it does not leave any glue residue on the edge of your cell phone; repeat the same procedure as with the adhesive putty to clean the earphones of your device.

Finally, If none of this works and the problem persists, the recommendation is to visit any authorized site to repair the damage.

The charging port is also often filled with dirt and dust. – Photo: Getty Images

Things Your Phone Does That You Possibly Didn’t Know About

Currently, smartphones represent a device that can do much more than receive calls, take photos, share content on social networks, play games or stream series and movies. Smartphones are a useful tool that have the ability to solve various problems that arise in daily life.

However, some users are unaware of the hidden functions that your mobile devices possess and that they could possibly help make your life a little easier.

metal detection

This function is the least known and is present in the latest generation cell phones, with it a user can find large pieces of metal or tiny screws.

To use this tool on Android devices, you must search or download the app ‘Metal Detector’ which uses a magnetic sensor installed in the phone to emit a sound when the device is close to some metal.

In the case of iPhone users, the Apple phone has an application, also called ‘Metal Detector’, which works in the same way. It is enough to bring the equipment closer to the area where it is believed that there is a metallic object and the mobile will generate a sound to confirm that it is close to a metal.

Keep in mind that if the damage persists, you must follow the manufacturer’s recommendations to the letter. – Photo: Getty Images
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Read texts next to emojis

On certain occasions, the user may feel tired of reading messages and other texts. When this happens, he can ask his phone to read his messages for him. To do this, you only have to go to the virtual assistant of your team.

On Android devices, just use the voice command ‘Hey Google read my received messages’ and immediately the team will do a reading, in addition, it will enable an option to generate a reply to each message by means of a dictation. Similarly, users can download the ‘ReadItToMe’ app to have a tool that reads their emails and other messages.

Those who have an iPhone will have to go to ‘Siri’, iOS virtual assistant, using the voice command “Siri, read the latest WhatsApp messages”. The team will immediately indicate the content of the message, the sender and the time it was sent and will also offer an interpretation of the emojis that accompanied the text.

level objects

In some cases, the user has the need to level a shelf that they are installing on their wall and their cell phone can be convert into a tool that lets you know if the installation was done correctly.

iPhone users can use the apps ‘Measurement’, which has the ‘Level’ function to know if an object is perfectly straight. To do this, it is necessary to place the equipment in the area to be stabilized and then it will have to be adjusted until the device screen turns green.

Meanwhile, those with an Android phone will have to download and install an app called ‘Bubble level’, which works very similarly to the service available on Apple smartphones.

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