Twitter is updated with an exclusive function for iPhone: when will it come to Android?

Twitter has added a feature that counts the total number of times a ‘tweet’ has been marked as saved, displaying this data in the post details along with the recorded number of ‘Likes’, ‘Retweets’ or ‘Quotes’ .

The Elon Musk-led platform already added a metric to expose the reach of social network posts in December, which shows the number of views received by ‘tweets’ and can also be seen directly below the post.

Now, following this line, Twitter has introduced a function to display the number of times a tweet has been marked as savedas the platform has announced through a publication on its Twitter Support account.

Twitter app on iOS. – Photo: SOPA Images/LightRocket via Gett

In this way, users will be able to know how many profiles have clicked on the ‘Marker’ icon in a publication to save the ‘tweet’ and be able to visit it again later. However, unlike other similar functions, this one does not allow us to know which specific users have done it.

On the other hand, as Twitter explains on its help page, the scoreboard count figure is publicly displayed to all users. “Whether you are the author or the reader, any Twitter user can see the bookmark count on tweets,” says the social network.

Thus, this function is shown in the details of the ‘tweet’, at the bottom of the publication, together with the rest of the sections for counting ‘Retweets’, ‘Quotes’, ‘Likes’ and views.

At this time, this feature is only available to users using Twitter on the ‘apps‘ for iOS. However, as reported by the social network, there are “expansion plans” to add this novelty also on Android.

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Twitter updates its policy on violent content

This Thursday, March 2, it was learned that the Twitter platform updated its rules on the content users can post on the platform, introducing its ‘violent speech’ policywhich prohibits posts with threats that glorify violence or wish harm on others.

As stressed by the social network led by Elon Musk, Twitter is a platform where people can express themselves, find out what is happening and discuss global issues. In this sense, it is advocated for azero tolerance” towards violent speech to “guarantee the safety of users and avoid the normalization of violent actions”.

Musk's new Twitter policies have advertisers worried.
Musk’s new Twitter policies seek improvements in the social network – Photo: AFP

Based on this, Twitter incorporated a new policy with which it warns that, in the event that a user publishes tweets with content that is considered violent, the platform will proceed to suspend the account. For less serious violations, the user may be required to remove the content in question before being able to access their account again.

This is reflected in its new ‘violent speech’ policy, as the platform has announced through a tweet on the Twitter Safety account, in which he explains that they have implemented “some changes regarding violent content and similar language.”

Specifically, the ‘violent speech’ policy prohibits threats, intent to do harm, the glorification of violence and incitement to violence. Regarding violent threats, the social network refers to threatening to inflict physical harm on others, for example, by making reference to killing, torturing, sexually assaulting, or hurting any other person. It also alludes to threats against homes and civilian shelters.

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On the other hand, as detailed, it is not possible to “desire, expect or express a desire for harm.” This includes expecting others to die, suffer illness, tragic incidents, or experience other physically harmful consequences.

Regarding incitement to violence, users may not “promote or encourage” to commit acts of violence or harmsuch as encouraging other users to harm themselves, commit crimes, including war crimes or genocide.

Following this line, the glorification of any act of violence in which damage was produced, or expressions of gratitude to violent entities or perpetrators of violent attacks, including animal abuse or cruelty, will not be allowed either.

Despite all these guidelines, Twitter has indicated that it will allow expressions of violent language when “there is no clearly abusive or violent context”, for example, language used between friends, or during video game conversations and sporting events.

Likewise, the platform has stated that it allows certain rhetorical figures, as well as satires or artistic expressions. To identify these cases, Twitter has reported that it will make sure to “assess and understand the context behind the conversation before acting.”

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