Twitter presents the most important change in its entire history; this is what it will look like after the new update

The social network Twitter has been characterized by limiting the number of characters to express ideas; many resort to their creativity to, in a few words, launch striking notes, generate controversy or simply participate in the debates that take place daily on this platform.

Initially there were 140 letters allowed and then the limit went to 280. The famous threads were also incorporated so that those who fell short could continue to expand their concepts on a particular topic.

However, many users of the little bird’s social network were crying out for the platform to increase the number of characters and allow them to express themselves more freely.

Musk’s new Twitter policies have advertisers worried. – Photo: AFP

Well, it seems that Elon Musk has listened to them and has been quite generous, since he decided to allow users to share longer trills; What is surprising is that the change is not in 100 or 200 characters, but now, Internet users will be able to send messages of up to 4,000 letters, quite wide limit and that amazed the fans of Twitter.

“Do you need more than 280 characters to express yourself? We know many of you do… and while we love a good thread, sometimes you just want to tweet the whole thing at once. So we are introducing longer tweets,” said the social network through its official profile.

Despite this, not everything is rosy, as this option will only be enabled for those who paid for the subscription to Twitter Blue, a new service created since the arrival of Elon Musk at the head of the company and which also allows its users access exclusive tools such as the ability to edit messages or post videos in higher resolutions.

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Those who wonder how these long messages will look on the timeline can rest easy, Well, the first 280 characters will continue to be displayed, like a traditional trill, but a button will appear that will give the option to read the rest of the content.

Twitter / Modified logo
Twitter has been making several changes to its platform since Elon Musk joined the company. (Photo by Jakub Porzycki/NurPhoto via Getty Images) – Photo: NurPhoto via Getty Images

Likewise, the messages will be available to all Twitter users, who will be able to read, RT, quote or reply to these messages sent by those who have the blue badge, an idea with which Musk tries to collect money to recover his investment and save the company.

Until now, It is estimated that only 0.2% of users of the platform have been seduced by Twitter Blue, which is equivalent to some 290,000 people worldwide, a figure much lower than Musk’s expectations, if one takes into account that he has with a base of 250 million subscribers.

Twitter plans to launch a new badge: it will be gold in color and it will cost a lot of money

For this new income alternative that Twitter has in its sights, there is no defined date and it is not something that has already been confirmed; However, Gold has already begun to be on the lips of some experts who have closely followed all the changes to the platform, so it is very possible that this idea will become a reality.

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According to media such as The Informationbased on an internal source that would have revealed the company’s plans, Twitter has in its projections the charge of 1,000 dollars a month to those who seek to verify their accountthis time, with a golden badge.

According to Twitter, in its official blog, “as a subscriber, an organization can link any number of people, companies and affiliated brands to its account. When they do, affiliate accounts will get a small badge of their parent company’s profile picture next to their blue or gold brand.”

The other change Twitter and Musk are planning has to do with content creators. As reported, they could have access to information about their income, but they would have to pay for it, something quite curious in which the application will have to work a little more so that this decision is attractive and does not allow a flight of users from the platform.

Twitter confirmed that it will withdraw the Fleets from the social network in August. What are the reasons?
Twitter Blue has not had the impact that Elon Musk planned. Only 0.2% of network users have decided to pay for the badge. – Photo: PA

These rumors are added to the announcement made by the Musk to share money with content creators, who must have subscribed to Twitter Blue Verified to receive this benefitservice for which the social network charges.

It should be noted that Twitter, as of February 9, announced that it would stop offering free access to its API, so third-party platforms that offered to operate the social network from other applications would have to pay the social network to continue operating and to offer its services to users.

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