Users report bugs worldwide on the platform this Wednesday

In the afternoon of this Wednesday, February 8, several users have reported failures on Twitter, as confirmed by Downdetector, the portal in charge of reporting problems on social networks.

According to the platform, the problems began at 3:07 p.m., with exponential growth; 49% have been due to problems in the publications, 45% were presented on the website, and 7% due to the loading of the application on cell phones.

However, the most conspicuous bug is that users are not allowed to chirp. For example, in the mobile version, the platform presents the following message: “Sorry, we couldn’t send your Tweet.” Do you want to try again or save this Tweet in drafts”.

Regarding its web version, the platform indicates that “You have reached the daily limit for sending Tweets”, which led to the annoyance of several users. However, all went to the option to schedule the tweets.

Another failure presented by the application of the tycoon Elon Musk was when following another user, since, according to Twitter, the limit of followers was in force: “You can not follow more people at this time.”

Failures on Twitter. – Photo: Twitter screenshot

For now, the support account has not made reference to the specific situation. However, the platform had announced that it was going to make changes to Twitter Blue, because now it is going to allow the sending of messages of 4,000 characters.

Added to this failure is that of Instagram and Facebook, which were reported in the afternoon. Content such as stories were deleted or appeared without views. Notifications also logged failures, as well as login.

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Downdetector explained that 68% of issues were reported in posting photos, stories, or reels. 29% at the beginning of the session and 23% with the application. The failures on Facebook occurred from 4:16 pm, where 61% of the failures have to do with the website, 33% with the apps and 6% with access to it.

Facebook crash.
Facebook presented failures worldwide. – Photo: Facebook screenshot

Twitter announces goodbye to one of its most innovative functions

CoTweets, the function that allowed collaborative publications with other people and of the same authorship on Twitter, says goodbye to the application.

The end of the tool was announced in a Twitter help center notice, which was one of the great and expected updates by users before the arrival of Elon Musk.

“Existing CoTweets will be viewable for another month, at which point they will become Retweets. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause”indicated the social network.

Twitter confirmed that it will withdraw the Fleets from the social network in August. What are the reasons?
Twitter is making drastic changes to its platform. – Photo: PA

In addition, he added that “we appreciate the feedback we have received about CoTweets and continue to look for ways to implement this feature in the future. We thank you for trying CoTweets and have enjoyed seeing all of your creativity come to fruition with this feature.”

This tool was introduced in July 2022, with the United States, Canada and Japan being the first to test it. This feature was also intended to share the spotlight, show different contributions and engage users more.

Likewise, different brands could take advantage of CoTweets to carry out different collaborations or announcements on the platform. However, as of today all accounts will not be able to use it.

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Now, all is not lost for users, as Twitter also stated that “the company is still looking for ways to implement this feature in the future.” However, he did not reveal more details or the causes that led to that decision.

It is worth mentioning that this is not the first time that Twitter has announced the removal of a tool suddenly, since this happened with the ‘Fleets’, which tried to compete with the stories of Instagram and Facebook.

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