Users with Android cell phones feel ashamed, says a survey

Currently, having a cell phone is a necessity, rather than a luxury. It is very rare to find a person who does not have a smartphone with which you can make calls, chat, take photos, record videos, listen to music and other functions. However, the ranges of cell phones and their respective brands mean that not everyone has the economic possibility of using the same smartphones.

For this reason, a survey was carried out in which it was possible to verify that iPhone users, a brand that usually sells the most expensive phones on the market, are the ones who most proudly show off their cell phone. While Many people, especially young people, suffer from shame and even bullying for having a phone with Android operating system.

The analysis done by financial time It affirms that of all the iPhone users surveyed, who are under 27 years of age, at least 34% stated that they completely preferred the Apple brand over Android. While only 10% stated that they would have no problem with the brand and could use Android without any inconvenience and still enjoy it despite social pressure.

iPhone users show off their cell phone more proudly. – Photo: Manzana

But according to the analysis, Young people, for the most part, feel ashamed to have an Android phone, since in many places they suffer harassment from other people or simply stay out of a social circle for not having the tools that Apple provides. This happens even more when young people belong to contexts of high strata.

“Young people consider that having an Android mobile phone distances them from their groups of friends and in social circles in general. In fact, in some cases, users with Android phones have been expelled from messaging groups for not having an iPhone”, adds the Financial Times.

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Even, Social networks, the photos that are published and their trends have made the discrimination against people who do not have an iPhone more evident. What makes many young people, at the moment that they are just forging their personality, feel ashamed when taking out their phone and that it is an Android.

Close-up of hands of friends wearing face masks, using tracking app on mobile smart phone
Many young people believe that the cell phone that is used has a lot to do with being accepted in a social group. – Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto

“The concrete example is the ‘trend’ in which a person is given a 10 grade [buena calificación de la personalidad o la belleza] until it is discovered that he has an Android mobile”, stated the text of the survey.

This Tuesday, February 21, it was learned that WhatsApp implemented the Picture-in Picture mode, also known as ‘image in image’, on iOS devices, a capability that was already present in previous beta versions of the chat application with more users. in the world.

In this same sense, it is known that Picture-in Picture mode allows you to make a video call and still be present in it while browsing other mobile applications, so the video conference remains visible and is displayed as a floating window in the interface.

The novel tool cost the company about $450 million.
iPhone is the preferred cell phone for most people in the United States. – Photo: Getty Images / Zuhal Alanlar / EyeEm

This option has already been supported on Android devices since 2018 and, despite the fact that it is also present on iPhone since iOS 14, the platform developed by Meta did not support this format until now.

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The latest update of WhatsApp for iOS 23.3.77, already available in the Apple App Store, does include the PiP capability in the instant messaging application to be able to use the device while having a video call.

This version includes other new features such as the ability to attach a title to shipping documents or the ability to include longer group descriptions, among others, as WABetaInfo has warned.

From this portal they remember that, in case of not having these functionalities, users must update the platform through the application stores and brand services.

*With information from AFP.

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