Valheim opens the door to PlayStation: “You never know”

Valheim lands on consoles. Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One are the two platforms chosen for the success of Iron Gate spreads beyond PC. It does so in a development version that will live alongside the original experience. In an interview with the Xbox Expansion Pass podcast, one of its managers has clarified the current situation of the game given the possibility of reaching new consoles.

We are currently only targeting Xbox, but you never know”, said Jonathan Smårs, senior developer at the studio forcefully. It was Coffe Stain, the publisher behind Valheim, that worked with Microsoft to get it ported onto the platform. Now, Smårs does not close the door so that in the future we can see it on PS5 and PS4.


A tailor-made experience for Xbox

Henrik Törnqvist, co-founder of Iron Gate Studios, explained to the Xbox Wire microphone what has been the creative perspective to transfer the experience to console compared to PC: “We strive to make it all versions of valheim are as similar as possible to each other, and that there are no obvious differences in the gameplay ”.

Hence the newly released control with command: “We have added additional controller control mapping that should be a better fit for console players”. Menus and recipes appear in the game through button combinations in an intuitive way. Everything within reach of your keyboard and mouse will be on your Xbox controller.

“It was a pretty easy portkey to Xbox. The biggest challenge has been making sure the network environment worked and finding the right balance of visual settings,” he narrates. On Xbox Series X | S it has two modes: quality and performance. The former increases the graphics load and locks the framerate to 30 fps. The second, on the other hand, targets 60 fps in exchange for lowering the resolution.

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