Vanessa Córdoba “went headlong” to the journalist for her opinion on the PSG soccer player scandal

A great controversy has arisen in the last hours due to a comment by the sports journalist Óscar Rentería, who, when giving his opinion on the case of the PSG footballer, Achraf Hakimi, who has been charged in recent days for alleged rape against a woman on French soil.

The outrage in networks was generated after the journalist questioned the victim’s version and implied that he had some guilt in agreeing to go to the player’s apartment.

“A single woman should not go to a soccer player’s apartment,” said the communicator on the program The pulse of football. Said comment generated outrage in a listener who wrote claiming that “Rentería was disrespectful and sexist, I’m not saying that the player is to blame, but the presence of a woman in a soccer player’s apartment has nothing to do with a rape.”

Óscar Rentería caused controversy this week on social media. – Photo: Twitter: César Augusto Londoño

Faced with this claim, the journalist reaffirmed his position by saying: “I still think that if that girl went to the player’s apartment alone, she knew what could happen. And why does she come to claim her later ”.

“I don’t believe her film, maybe it’s true and I have to apologize, but I don’t believe it. That is my thought and I deeply respect anyone who thinks otherwise, but I do not share it, ”she added.

The wave of criticism that the communicator received was enormous, so much so that several high-calibre voices made themselves felt against it. One of them was that of the professional player Vanessa Córdoba, daughter of the legendary Colombian goalkeeper Óscar Córdoba, who did not hold anything back when she heard what Rentería said.

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The current goalkeeper for Atlético Nacional criticized what the Valle del Cauca player said and pointed out that no footballer should abuse anyone, stressing that education is needed. “A footballer should not abuse anyone. Today more than ever I support it, football at all levels and parts urges a comprehensive sexual education, ”he wrote.

Footballers are thinking people. Soccer players are not animals. Stop treating them as such and excusing their behavior which, moreover, is the result of the bubble where they are kept. Let’s educate ourselves and evolve. It’s about time, ”he added, citing the news about the journalist’s comment.

Oscar Córdoba is one of the most important goalkeepers in the history of Colombia
Óscar Córdoba is one of the most important goalkeepers in the history of Colombia. – Photo: Instagram: vcordoba1 // oscarcordoba_

It is worth noting that Córdoba has been firm in always defending the rights of women and more so in soccer. Vanessa herself has even suffered harassment from men, which she has publicly denounced on her social networks.

A few days ago, the Colombian goalkeeper announced the case of sexual harassment of which she was a victim through a video call. In addition, she published her number from which they contacted her to prevent more women from falling.

On her Twitter account, where she has more than 34,000 followers, the soccer player wrote: “I received a FaceTime call from an unknown number and I rejected it. She redialed several times in a row and I got worried, so I answered without a camera and without speaking. When I answered, no one spoke and there was no camera, and suddenly they turn it on and it’s a guy masturbating. Disgusting”.

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“I don’t usually answer unknown numbers, but it was the first time he had FaceTimed me and I was really worried about the insistence. Seriously, what is the logic behind this? What is the hp…need? What an experience so, but so unpleasant”he added.

Vanessa Córdoba denounced sexual harassment through a video call.
Vanessa Córdoba denounced sexual harassment through a video call. – Photo: Taken from Twitter: @VCordoba1

Vanessa Córdoba, whose father has assured that she is banned from the Colombian National Team, when questioning the inequality in women’s soccer compared to men’s, added that she is concerned that what happened affects other people. She did so in response to a follower who asked her if everything was okay.

“Everything is fine thanks. I just hope it doesn’t happen to other people, let alone minors.” the goalkeeper of the group trilled purslane.

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