Violent fight between fans of Nacional and Millionaires in Spain; 31 detainees in the middle of the brawl

The match between Nacional and Millonarios for the 2023-1 BetPlay League transcended borders and brought together several fans of both teams in Madrid, the Spanish capital, where they met to watch the match.

In the end, the tie did not leave the fans happy, who decided to confront each other with bladed weapons, sticks, stones and everything they found in their path, for which the intervention of the Spanish Police was necessary, who managed to capture 25 men. and 6 women, for a total of 31 people arrested.

According to the local press, The violent fight took place in the Usera neighborhood, located in the south of Madrid and in which there are a large number of Latinos, including Colombians.

Atlético Nacional and Millonarios tied goalless for date 8 of the Betplay League. Photo: Dimayor. – Photo: Photo: Dimayor.

The authorities confirmed that when they arrived at the scene of the brawl, those involved tried to flee and abandoned their bladed weapons, stones, and sticks in the streets, under the cars, and among the bushes; however, the agents managed to capture these so-called fans who were detained at the scene and in the surrounding streets.

The people detained are between 20 and 41 years of age and the majority are Colombian nationals. Now, those involved will have to answer to the Spanish authorities for the crime of tumultuous brawl. For now, they are at the judicial disposal and will have to wait for the pronouncement of the justice of that country to know the sentences that will be imposed on them.

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Nacional could not with the “B” team of Millionaires in a classic with few emotions

This Saturday, March 11, at the Atanasio Girardot stadium in Medellín, Atlético Nacional and Millonarios faced each other for date 8 of the Betplay League. The blues traveled to the capital of Antioquia with a mixed roster, prioritizing the match they will have next Wednesday against Atlético Mineiro in Brazil for the Copa Libertadores de América.

Atlético Nacional had almost all its starters against the Millonarios substitutes.  Photo: Dimayor.
Atlético Nacional had almost all its starters against the Millonarios substitutes. Photo: Dimayor. – Photo: Dimayor.

Knowing that the blues came with substitutes, the great favorite to win this game was Atlético Nacional. However, on the field everything was very even. From the beginning it was seen that it would be a round trip game, in which, even, for many moments, Millonarios looked closer to the goal than the local team.

And that’s how it was throughout the first half, a closely fought game in the middle, in which it didn’t seem like the visiting team was playing with substitutes, while Nacional couldn’t find clarity to open the scoring. Little by little the local fans began to despair and Millonarios became much more established in the game.

In the second part, the party did not change practically nothing. Millonarios imposed their high pressure trying to play near Nacional’s area, while the purslane struggled to take possession of the ball and get closer to Álvaro Montero’s goal. Something that didn’t happen for much of the engagement.

In the last minutes of the game, Atlético Nacional tried to turn their entire team into attack, seeking to keep the three points. However, the defense of the Blues began to defend the result with more force. It seemed impossible for a goal to appear in the duel between green and blue.

Atlético Nacional and Millonarios tied in the classic on date 8 of the Betplay League.
Atlético Nacional and Millonarios tied in the classic on date 8 of the Betplay League. – Photo: Dimayor
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The game ended tied, without goals and with very few emotions. However, the result is much better for Millonarios considering that he was playing as a visitor and that he left his starting players resting in Bogotá thinking about the Copa Libertadores match.

Despite the result, the purslane reached 13 points, which allows them to catch up with the championship leader: América de Cali. However, the reds have two games less and next Tuesday they will play for date eight against Independiente Santa Fe at the Nemesio Camacho El Campín stadium in Bogotá.

For his part, Millonarios reached fifth place in the standings with 10 points, but with three pending games to play. So the blues are one of the teams with the best performance so far in the Colombian league.

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