wants a striker who has scored a goal in his last 19 games

The arrival of Hernán Dario the bolillo Gómez to Junior de Barranquilla is quite an event for soccer in Colombia; On the one hand, a change of coach before the middle of the tournament ratifies what is reflected in the standings, where the shark team is last, and on the other, it means hiring a coach with extensive scrolls who was entrusted with the mission to try to rescue the good name of the institution

Just a few hours after your arrival The first changes in the customs that the dismissed Arturo Reyes had acquired took place, who could not direct the Barranquilla team to a good campaign and who left it at the bottom of the table.

The first thing that Bolillo did was order double-day training sessions, something that has positive and negative votes within soccer teams; likewise, it was known that for his arrival, The coach Paisa made as a condition the hiring of several players to try to strengthen various areas of the team, which despite hiring Juan Fernando Quintero, has only won one game out of the seven it has played.

The paisa Hernán Darío ‘el bolillo’ Gómez will be in charge of rebuilding the path of Junior from Barranquilla. – Photo: Getty Images

The first request of the new junior coach was the central defender Juan Sebastián Quintero, who is 27 years old and has a recent past in Brazil, a country where he was part of the ranks of Vasco da Gama, Juventude and Fortaleza; In addition, he had a stint at Sporting de Gijón, in Spain, and Deportivo Cali.

The other request from Antioquia is striker Agustín Vuletich, an Argentine who has played football in his country and in Switzerland, Chile, Portugal, Mexico, Italy and Colombia; In the country, he has worn the jerseys of Águilas Doradas, Cúcuta Deportivo, Independiente Medellín and Deportivo Cali.

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His best record in coffee lands was with the powerful mountain, club with which he scored 13 goals in 37 games, helping to win the Colombian Cup title in 2020. With the sugar team, his most recent team, he only scored one goal in 19 games.

Junior from Barranquilla thanked the fans who accompanied them at the Metropolitano.
Junior from Barranquilla is last in the standings in the BetPlay League. – Photo: @JuniorClubSA

Junior players were treated as “negligent and trunks”; they only saved JuanFer Quintero

Criticism of Junior from Barranquilla comes from everywhere, because it was thought it would be scary in 2023, especially due to the hiring of Juan Fernando Quintero. And he is giving it, but for his poor performance in the first eight rounds of the BetPlay I-2023 League, where he has achieved just one victory and three draws, thus adding just six points that have him as the colero of the Colombian championship with three defeats and one less game.

Among the strongest darts that have been seen, is the one to close the negative comments to the teammates of the ’10’ and save him from some reproach, who wastes magic in each outing he has had, but who has to fight not only against rivals, but also with those who wear the same shirt because no one is saved from the bad level shown.

The poor performance of Quintero’s teammates is so evident that multiple voices have been heard to defend the former River Plate player and recently called up to the Colombian National Team.

In one of those negative messages, in the last hours they treated the Junior players as “negligent and trunks”. The person in charge of these words was the content creator piquinaknown for making videos with an emphasis on soccer and this time he used his followers to highlight the discomfort, for which JuanFer had to “suffer” with the Junior shirt.

Reyes analyzed the performance of his team in the Libertad de Pasto
Arturo Reyes was fired by the directives of the shark box, which has only achieved one victory in the Colombian League. – Photo: Dimayor
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Quoting a few words from the now team coach sharkHernán Darío ‘Bolillo’ Gómez, where he said that “they win a silver, they go out with their glasses, with their little yellow and painted hair… they attract attention is outside the field ”This is how the video started in which he dedicated a direct message to the footballers of the rojiblanco team.

“He sends balls and they return bricks, what is that, please? They are negligent,” he began.

“How a guy like Juan Fernando Quintero puts the balls there, there, gives them to you and… they lack foundation”, also, quite annoyed, as he was seen throughout the entire recording, he added: “Boys, touch each other. They are logs and buckets, standing still on the field”.

And he closed by saying: “their feet stutter, it’s easy. How much are they earning? Easy”. His speech was accompanied by clear images of the bad way of playing by men like Fredy Hinestroza and José Ortiz.

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