What changes will there be with phones and other devices when there is full access to the 5G network in Colombia?

One of the most important technological advances in recent years has been the development and implementation of 5G technology, because thanks to these networks, a better quality of Internet access would be achieved, as it is much faster and more stable.

This benefit would open space for a new way to access different experiences or serviceswhich can be accessed through different devices that have an internet connection.

However, many people are still unaware of the impact that the implementation of 5G networks would have in Colombian territory, for that reason. WEEK spoke with Carlos Sánchez, director of Business Development at QUALCOMM, who offered his vision of the changes that this technology would bring to the country.

What will happen when there is 5G in Colombia?

Sánchez affirms that an improvement in the quality of mobile connectivity would be expected, which will enable greater adoption of online applications and servicessuch as augmented and virtual reality, the internet of things, and telemedicine, among others.

“In addition, it is expected that the implementation of 5G has a positive impact on the economy and on people’s daily lives. We have been working on 5G for many years, drawing on our experience in 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi. We are also pioneering many new 5G technologies with LTE, such as Gigabit LTE, LTE IoT, C-V2X, and private networks.”

Mobile network data technology – Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto

What will be the most noticeable change when there is full access to this network?

Carlos Sánchez specified that there are currently a large number of applications for 5G, such as cameras with artificial intelligence or Virtual and Augmented Reality solutions, which may be more present in people’s daily lives.

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Thus, smart homes will also benefit, since 5G allows multiple connected devices to work efficiently. “Systems such as 5G FWA (Fixed Wireless Access) will offer high quality connectivity, speed and latency, without the need for cabling and installation in the last mile (last mile)”.

Will it change the way smartphones are used?

The most important change will be that users will have a faster and more reliable Internet connection, which will allow a better online experience to use more advanced applications.

Added to this, 5G will allow access to more sophisticated services that use virtual and augmented reality, telemedicine, and the Internet of Things. Similarly, the low latency and faster speed of 5G will allow you to enjoy more advanced mobile games along with a smoother gaming experience.

“Greater efficiency in data management, taking into account that the greater data transmission capacity of 5G will allow more efficient information management and better integration of mobile devices in daily life and in the economy,” he added. Sanchez.

User of a smartphone. – Photo: Getty Images

Will this network change the way technology is used in homes?

Households will be able to have multiple home devices so that they are integrated and thus could work more efficiently, this would help to take better advantage of Smart TVs, smart lights and other appliances.

So that the inhabitants of a house would stop experiencing problems because in the home because there is no coverage or that certain equipment does not connect correctly to the network.

Smart TV
Just like cell phones, smart TVs can also be updated. – Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto
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Will the experience of playing video games evolve?

Gamers will have a smoother and more seamless online gaming experience as servers will offer low response time, plus 5G will enable interaction with more sophisticated games that are specially designed for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

On the other hand, Sánchez affirms that a higher quality in the Internet connection will also allow an experience of streaming high definition content without interruptions. Finally, it would be possible to start run games directly from the cloud and run them from any screenwithout the need for a console.

Video game
Nintendo switch is everyone’s favorite console, according to report. Getty Images. – Photo: Getty Images

Will everyone be able to access 5G?

Carlos Sánchez maintains that everyone could use the network, but the access time will depend on various factors such as the availability of spectrum for mobile phone operators and the presence of 5G networks in the area.

Similarly, he specified that users should not meet many requirements to be able to enjoy this servicebecause they only need to have a 5G smartphone or computer and their data plan.

“There is already a wide variety of 5G smartphones available in the market at various price levels, so it is a feature that is not only found in premium handsets.”

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