What diseases does green apple juice prevent?

Apples are one of the fruits that stand out for their contribution of nutrients and vitamins to the body. However, it is said that the green one is a source richer in dietary fiber and flavonoids. It is also a significant contribution of vitamin C and other antioxidants and phytonutrients.

As with many other fruits, apples should ideally be part of a balanced and healthy diet. Some of the phytonutrients they possess are phenolic acid and flavonoids, which they help to repair the cellular damage of the organism, specifies the portal Cocina Fácil.

Green apples can be eaten raw or cooked, with or without skin, and in any way the person wants: alone, in a salad, baked, or in juice. Regardless of what the taste is, the truth is that it is a food that should not be missing from the daily diet and one of the healthiest ways to take advantage of its benefits is in juice. These are some of the benefits of this drink.

Seeds of papaya and apple.
The green apple offers a series of benefits to the body. – Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Take care of heart health

The green apple, as well as its juice, is a good food to have a healthy heart, since it helps to prevent cardiovascular diseases thanks to its contribution of fiber and potassium. Both nutrients are essential in the control of blood pressure and cholesterol levels, among other conditions, according to a publication in the magazine better with healthwritten by Daniela Echeverri Castro.

“Potassium is a mineral that contributes to maintaining the water balance of the cells, which favors the proper functioning of the heart, among other things,” he specifies. From elsewhere, pectin and polyphenols help speed up lipid metabolism.

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It helps you lose weight

The green apple is ideal for people who want to maintain their weight at healthy levels because it provides very few calories and is also rich in fiber, which generates a feeling of satiety. Additionally, it has diuretic properties that help eliminate toxins and prevent inflammation in the body.

The green apple has a nutritional composition that promotes heart health.
The green apple is low in calories so it helps to lose weight. – Photo: Getty Images

Avoid constipation

The contribution of dietary fiber makes green apple a healthy food to promote intestinal transit and prevent constipation. In addition, if the fresh fruit is consumed with the skin on, it can be useful to counteract diarrheal and inflammatory symptoms. Also would help reduce discomfort associated with indigestion, such as flatulence, Better with health.

prevent diabetes

The polyphenols present in this fruit have antioxidant action that protect the beta cells of the pancreas from oxidative damage, which are responsible for the production of insulin, a hormone that maintains the balance of blood glucose, being important to prevent and treat diseases. such as diabetes, according to the well-being and health portal Tua Saúde. In addition, the fibers help the sugar in food to be absorbed more slowly, contributing to the control of glycemia.

Green apple
The green apple has antioxidant properties that can help maintain healthy skin and free of impurities. – Photo: Getty Images

against aging

As with most fruits, which contain essential nutrients that do a lot for skin health; in this case, the green apple does the same. It is a source of vitamins A, B and C, and a good dose of antioxidants, which help protect cells from the effects of free radicals. Therefore, its consumption is adequate to care for, improve and maintain the health of the skin, preventing the early appearance of signs of aging.

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strengthens the bones

The amount of boron provided by the green apple is favorable for the health of the bones and to prevent their loss of density. This with the passage of time is reflected in avoiding the appearance of conditions such as osteoporosis, which occurs very frequently in the elderly.

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