What do they want to tell you if a message with the number 748 arrives on WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is the most downloaded instant messaging application in the West; Through it you can send photos, texts, audios, videos and files, which makes it a very versatile and useful tool, not only in the personal field, but also in the work environment.

Since instant messaging appeared, different ways of communicating have been introduced, such as the use of emojis, stickers or the popular memes.

The idea of ​​using these elements is to give the message more strength or, why not, to say something with a symbol that is capable of expressing what people reserve.

The new generations constantly introduce new elements to the way they communicate, in order to keep their expressions secret. (Photo Illustration by Lorenzo Di Cola/NurPhoto via Getty Images) – Photo: NurPhoto via Getty Images

In this same sense, different generations have been integrating other forms of language into their conversations, sometimes in order to encrypt messages and keep their feelings secret, which is why they devise very particular ways of expressing something.

This is why they sometimes resort to messages as confusing as a multi-digit number, to which they have previously assigned a particular meaning; It is there where the new forms of communication that many of the adults are unaware of and consider somewhat strange begin to spread.

What does the number 748 mean in a WhatsApp conversation?

Now, the trend among young people is to use numbers to say something to each other without other people finding out, which is why it should not be surprising that at some point a text message with the number 748 arrives.

The meaning may vary depending on the context, but it may really surprise you. According to different portals, the meaning of this number is none other than ‘go to hell’, a phrase that can be taken as an insultas a phrase to express surprise or in response to a person with whom you have had a displeasure.

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In theory, 7 means ‘Go away’, 4 means ‘to’ and 8 means ‘hell’, and it can also be used in English: ‘Go to the hell’.

But this is not the only number that has been assigned a particular meaning; there is also 1437, where the 1 meant ‘I’, the 4 ‘Love’, the ‘3′ ‘You’ and the 7 ‘Forever’.

If they send you an 831, the affection is also expressed, but not forever, as it means ‘I love you very much’.

WhatsApp: this is how you can send messages with red letters in the application

The platform continues to work on the design and development of new options that help improve the experience of its users, while providing other forms of communication for people.

Nevertheless, The application developed by Meta has not added functions that allow certain aesthetic aspects of the application to be altered. appssuch as its colors, menus or other elements. That is why some users are looking for options that provide the ability to customize the appearance of WhatsApp.

Currently, there are different methods that allow you to change certain elements that are in the chats and without the need to install any APK, such as WhatsApp Plus. However, it will be necessary to access an external link to change the letters to red in the application.

The changes in WhatsApp would allow normal messages to be forwarded to a maximum of five chats or groups, as indicated by the Xatakandroid portal.  Photo: Getty images.
The changes in WhatsApp would allow normal messages to be forwarded to a maximum of five chats or groups, as indicated by the Xatakandroid portal. Photo: Getty images. – Photo: Photo: Getty images.

How to change the color of the letters to red in WhatsApp?


  • Enter WhatsApp.
  • Then, go to the link fancy text generator.
  • Write the corresponding message.
  • Choose the letter that best suits the user and then the color red.
  • Select the text and copy it into the preferred conversation.
  • Once this process is done, click on the send icon.
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Now, if the intention is to change the letters to blue, users will have to go to an application developed by third parties and perform the following actions:

Download and install the BlueWords application, a service that allows you to generate a keyboard with different font types for WhatsApp. Thanks to this service, the user has a resource to customize various font styles or change the color of them depending on your tastes.

There are apps that allow you to send colored letters to WhatsApp chats.
There are apps that allow you to send colored letters to WhatsApp chats. – Photo: WEEK composition with images from Getty Images

To use letters with colors or different styles, you only need to open WhatsApp and write a message, then you need to select the text and tap the three button icon to open the keyboard options menu.

Subsequently, you will have to select the style of the text and the color, after a few seconds the change to the text will be executed and it can be sent to a WhatsApp chat.

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