What do you need to work with Ibai and Piqué in the Queens League as a streamer

Ibai Plains picked up a few weeks ago esland prize for best Spanish-speaking “streamer” at the National Auditorium in Mexico. But life goes on and with it he focuses on the project that he leads together with Gerard Piqué. The queens league, a non-professional soccer competition that is broadcast on Twitch and that brings together internet personalities and retired players such as Iker Casillas, Joan Capdevilla or the Mexican Javier “Chicharito” Hernández, wants to expand its squad and has launched a new job offer. Well, an offer that includes two vacancies.

This job position, which they have classified within the field of Marketing and CommunicationIt does not require minimum studies or previous experience. Just ask for notions about twitch and soccer, as well as knowing how to work in a team and being an enthusiastic person. And what do they give in return? It is not known. The truth is that the offer does not include salary information Not on the conditions. The only thing they point out is that it would be a face-to-face job in Barcelona in which the person chosen will have to narrate the league matches. “Ones that will be seen throughout the world through the official twitch channel and through the channels of all the presidents, who will co-stream”, they add in the InfoJobs publication.

How to apply for the Queens League offer

There the offer was published five days ago. By now, they have already applied a total of 110 people (figure consulted on February 9 at 12:43 p.m.). How have they done it? The first thing you should do is create yourself an account on the platform. That is, complete all your information along with your professional experience and attach your resume. Immediately afterwards, you have to sign up for the offer and comply with what is requested: record a video of 30 seconds maximum in which you demonstrate your talent by narrating a play. It does not matter if it is known or not or if it ends in a goal or not.

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What is the Queens League

The queens league is a women’s competition created by the former soccer player and businessman Gerard Piquénext to the streamer Ibai Plains. like the kings leagueconsists of a soccer tournament 7 in which 12 teams participate. Their matches last 40 minutes and can be followed on the live broadcast platform twitch. The game rules of this tournament in its male version have been decided by fans through voting on social networks:

1. In case of tiethere is no overtime, the winner of each game is decided with a penalty shootout from midfield (‘shootouts’).

2. In the Kings League they also play with the rule of offside.

3. The throw-ins are made by hand.

4. The substitutions of players during the match are unlimited.

5. The penalties They are thrown from the center of the field.

6. The yellow card It supposes two minutes of suspension. The redfive minutes until a substitute enters.

7. For him kick-offthe ball is placed in the center of the field and the players start from the end line.

8. The bibs They go from 0 to 99.

9. Matches are two parts of 20 minutes.

10. secret weapons: each team has a card, chosen at random, that gives it an advantage only once per game:

  • Weapon 1: Penalty in favor
  • Weapon 2: ‘Shootout’ in favor
  • Weapon 3: Exclusion of an opponent for two minutes
  • Weapon 4: Double goal for minutes
  • Weapon 5: Wildcard
  • Weapon 6: card theft

11. Each party will be led by two referees referees: one on the pitch and another in the VAR room.

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12. The VAR will be used at the request of the teams, who may request it once per game.

What’s more, anyone who wants to apply to the vacancies must know these rules by heart, since they would have to apply them in the broadcast of the matches.

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