What does the surgery that the first lady, Verónica Alcocer, will undergo?

Through a brief statement, the Presidency of the Republic informed that the first lady, Verónica Alcocer, will undergo breast prosthesis change surgery this Tuesday, March 14 “in order to avoid future risks to her state of health.” .

Likewise, they indicated that the first lady “will take a break in her work schedule and will be absent for a few weeks, until the medical personnel authorize her to resume her work.”

This surgical procedure is generally performed after having undergone a mammoplasty, an intervention performed to increase the size or change the shape of the breasts.

Indeed, to guarantee the safety of patients, it is possible to choose to change the breast prostheses. According to Antiaging Group Barcelona, ​​a firm specialized in plastic surgery, the change or replacement of these prostheses is a “relatively unusual” procedure.

This source points out that it can be a simple intervention if what is required is a simple replacement for a new prosthesis. “In a second breast augmentation, the same incision is used as in the previous operation (…), the old implant is removed and the new one is inserted,” says the firm.

However, he points out that there may be other interventions that are more complex. If the new and current dentures have a large difference in size, The medical professional may be required to make an incision in the breast capsule and thereby perform a procedure called a capsulotomy.

Silicone breast implant in the hands of a doctor. – Photo: Getty Images

Likewise, the organization of plastic surgeries warns that sometimes patients can choose to remove silicone implants and, instead, fill them with adipose tissue (fat).

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“It is important to be aware that the volume that we are going to achieve is not the same as with the implant and it is more than likely that two or three sessions of filling with own fat will be needed”, concludes the Spanish firm.

Breast cancer is one of the leading causes of death around the world.
The use of sports bras is required during the postoperative period. – Photo: Getty Images

Likewise, he points out that surgeons recommend the replacement of PIP prostheses, which were supplied several years ago, before they show ruptures or defects, since it is easier to replace them in these cases.

Regarding the recovery after these surgeries to change breast prostheses, Antiaging Group Barcelona points out that it can be very similar to what is recommended after undergoing a mammoplasty.

This organization advises that patients should take some care during the month after the procedure, such as wearing a sports bra, sleeping on their backs and avoiding physical exercise.

The risks of mammoplasty

Mammoplasty is an aesthetic surgery that, however, involves some risks. MedlinePlus, the online encyclopedia of the US National Library of Medicine, points out that some problems may appear such as difficulty breastfeeding, loss of sensitivity in the nipple area, the appearance of “thick and raised” scars and undulations, ruptures or leaks of the implants.

For her part, Dr. Sandhya Pruthi, from the Mayo Clinic in the United States, warns in an article from that institution that when patients receive silicone breast implants there is a possibility that they may rupture over time.

Although Dr. Pruthi points out that sometimes these ruptures do not necessarily cause difficulties because the silicone is lodged in the breast tissues, they can sometimes cause discomfort and some symptoms such as pain, tenderness and swelling in the breasts.

Pay attention to the appearance of lumps or irregularities in the breasts after surgical interventions. – Photo: Getty Images
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Patients may also notice changes in size or shape, lumps, or hardness in their breasts.

“Keep in mind that breast implants are not guaranteed for life. Your doctor should continue to perform yearly clinical breast exams. If there are new changes, see a plastic surgeon for a checkup and discuss treatment options,” recommends Dr. Pruthi.

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