What is the 5G process going on in Colombia? MinTIC says that important decisions will be made in 2023

Within the framework of the event called ‘Digital Inclusion’, promoted by the Ministry of ICT and other sectors of the technology industry that are related to the implementation and development of technologies associated with 5G networks, Sandra Milena Urrutia, Minister of ICT , offered details of the actions that his portfolio has taken in order to ensure that Colombia can access fifth generation connectivity.

In a speech made by Minister Urrutia, the official specified that a rigorous analysis has been carried out, together with a dialogue with technical tables and operators. This process has made it possible to establish the purpose of advance in achieving 5G connectivity for the country, under the fundamental principles of achieving a “maximization of the social welfare of Colombians and in the promotion of investment by caring for the industry”.

Sandra Urrutia, MinTIC talks about 5G in Colombia. – Photo: Week

The ICT Minister specified that in the months of March, October and December, a series of decisions would have to be made regarding this process. In addition, she recalled that in December 2022 a document was published in which the needs were established, as well as some guidelines on how the 5G spectrum auction process would be developed.

“A resolution was published there that asked the industry to express its interest in this available spectrum plus the 5G auction. The enrichment of this exercise was receive the feedback that has allowed us to make decisions and make the proposals that are currently under consideration by the Congress of the Republic and then achieve the dream of connecting Colombia in a 360 vision”, Urrutia declared.

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What is being done in this quarter of 2023?

Sandra Milena Urrutia stated that the objective selection process is currently being structured, which will be reflected in the second quarter of 2023, based on studies by the Ministry of ICT and enriched by the experiences of other sectors and countries in 5G stuff.

What we hope is that by the end of the second quarter of this year the final resolution could be published.”, assured the head of this portfolio, while explaining that this technology is necessary to continue connecting Colombia and meet the goal of the national government to reach the territories with new and better options in digital and telecommunications matters.

Similarly, Minister Urrutia assured that the objective selection process of the operators could be carried out by the third quarter of 2023.

MinTic reveals dates of the 5G auction process
MinTic reveals dates of the 5G auction process – Photo: Official of the Ministry of ICTs

On the other hand, the official specified that an important transformation has been made to encourage the participation of the industry and to be able to guarantee that the management of public resources is carried out efficiently.

“We put some rules in relation to the efficient use of the spectrum, coverage obligations, quality improvement and we are also modernizing the way in which we do surveillance and control through a remote or intelligent surveillance strategy”, added the official.

Finally, the ICT Minister specified that in this digital transformation, driven by 5G, it is necessary for the population to have the devices so that they can better appropriate this technology. For this reason, she stressed that it is necessary to take computers, tablets, and innovation laboratories to different territories, in addition to creating a national platform that allows offering courses, projects to train Colombians.

MinTic presents its vision of 5G in Colombia
MinTic presents its vision of 5G in Colombia – Photo: Official of the Ministry of ICTs
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The official reiterated that this is the ‘360 vision’, which her portfolio has in terms of its commitment to the democratization of ICTs and thus provide more opportunities for Colombians to have education, equality and greater productivity.

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