What to do if an Android cell phone does not charge?

Charging the mobile device is one of the actions that is now a habit for many of the users, due to the constant use of it.

There is no universal guide to the proper way to maintain the battery of smartphones, but what there are are alternatives to implement if the phone does not charge correctly.

For example, the Google help service, the company that develops this operating system, discloses a series of options to try to avoid this setback.

Experts recommend not letting the cell phone charge to 100%. Getty Images. – Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto

In that order of ideas, the first thing to do is check the cable and charger to check if they work correctly; that is, it must be tested with another device, as well as checking if it is correctly connected to the outlet and to the phone.

It is also essential to check that the power source works correctly, reason why another electronic device must be plugged in to check if the energy is adequate.

According to the portal, it is necessary to confirm that no accessories, such as covers or battery packs, cover the cell phone sensors or some important buttons are pressed.

You will also need to connect the device to a working cable, charger, and power outlet. Then, you must wait a minute, in order to check if the battery icon appears, which means that it is charging correctly. However, if you see a red light, it means that the battery has no charge, which is why it should be connected for 30 minutes.

Cell phone battery
Most people agree that a good cell phone should have a high battery performance. Getty Images. – Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto
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Three habits that damage the cell phone battery

cheap chargers

The website ProAndroid It states that the first thing that must be clarified is that “nothing happens to charge a mobile with a charger from another brand”, but when chargers that are not original are purchased, quality is a factor that generates debate.

So, “Most users buy the cheapest one, sometimes resulting in a disastrous piece of hardware of poor quality”which leads to the detriment of the battery.

Charge it all night

This habit is one of the most common when giving energy to the cell phone, since it It happens that people go to bed and leave the device connected for hours; however, such action is harmful to the “health” of the technological apparatus.

Cell phone battery.
You should not leave the cell phone charging all night. – Photo: Getty Images

100% charge cycle

Charge cycles are counted each time the battery is at 100%. The blog xatakandroid He points out that each smartphone has its number of predetermined cycles, but when they are exceeded the battery can become “obsolete”.

Reasons to charge the cell phone off


In the aforementioned section it is specified that one of the reasons why you should not leave your smartphone on is because the notifications do not stop arriving. So, calls, messages, among other alternatives, continue to work. “All this eats up a bit of battery as it charges and can lead to slowdowns”according to Chronicle.

parasite loads

When the cell phone is turned off, the process may be faster, and so-called “parasitic charges” are prevented.

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Given this, the web scenario Tech Advisor shares: “If you charge your phone while using it, for example watching a video, you can ‘confuse’ the battery by creating mini-cycles during which parts of the battery are continuously recycled and deteriorate at a faster rate than the rest of the cells”as if they were parasites.

Avoid the temptation to use

It seems like unnecessary advice, but the truth is that There are cases in which the person charges the cell phone and cannot avoid interacting with the device at the same time.

Indeed, the battery takes time to acquire the necessary energy because all the charge is transferred to the screen and the processor of the cell phone. In addition, also the smartphone can overheat.

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