WhatsApp Business innovates with the ‘Communities’ option, what does it consist of?

On the afternoon of this Friday, February 17, it was learned that WhatsApp is working on a new capacity for Business that will allow users of these accounts to create Communities, as seen in the latest beta for Android.

In this same sense, Meta, owner of the messaging platform, announced this functionality in April of last year, when it presented them as a new section that would bring together conversation groups that revolve around a theme or a common social space in the same place.

WhatsApp opens many possibilities in its business version. – Photo: Getty Images

It was not until August when it began to implement this feature thanks to the version of WhatsApp for Android, with which the option of creating communities of up to ten group chats, organized into subgroups with a capacity of up to 512 participants, began to be available.

For now, Communities option is available for Android, iPhone, web and Desktop although only in the standard version. Now, WhatsApp is working on bringing this tool to its business version or WhatsApp Business.

Some users of this format can already see the ‘Communities’ button in the application menu, as WABetaInfo has warned in the latest WhatsApp beta update for Android, available on the Google Play Store.

This portal advanced that entrepreneurs and business owners will thus be able to generate Communities from this section, that is, a procedure equal to the one already existing in the standard version of the application.

Smartphone user checks his text messages.
WhatsApp Business seeks more news for its users. – Photo: Getty Images
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How to have WhatsApp Beta on Android or iPhone?

Currently, the Most of the users of the platform generally have to wait several months to be able to access the news that WhatsApp develops for its service, however, there are some people who do manage to use these options.

This is because before releasing an update to the official version of the apps, new features go through WhatsApp Beta versionwhich has users beta testerwho have early access to updates on the platform because they are tasked with testing the performance of those features.

Thanks to this practice, it is possible to contribute so that the novelties in the apps work correctly when implemented in the official version of WhatsApp.

How to have WhatsApp Beta on Android?

The process to be part of the WhatsApp beta program does not represent a major difficulty, for this it is only necessary to follow the following actions:

  • From a web browser enter the official page of the WhatsApp beta program
  • Click on the “Become a Tester” button
  • If you have the app installed, you must perform an update from Google Play
  • If you do not have the app, you will have to search Google Play for the official WhatsApp application
  • Download the application on the smartphone
Image from the official page of the WhatsApp beta program.
Image from the official page of the WhatsApp beta program. – Photo: Screenshot official page of the WhatsApp beta program.

After completing the above steps, the User will be part of the WhatsApp beta program and therefore will have access to the experimental functions that the platform is developing.

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From that moment on, it is important that the user tries to have the latest version of WhatsApp available, in order to be able to count on all the changes that are being carried out on the apps.

How to install WhatsApp Beta on an iPhone?

In order to have the beta version of WhatsApp on an iPhone, it is necessary to have the Apple platform ‘TestFlight’, an application that is available in the App Store and that gives the user access to the beta functions that the apps.

To have the beta version on an Apple phone it will be necessary to perform the following steps:

  • Install TestFlight on the iPhone that will be used to test WhatsApp features
  • Open the app and accept the terms and conditions
  • Enter to have a quota among beta users
  • On the platform click on the Install button

When the beta of WhatsApp is installed next to the username, a small orange circle will appear that identifies that apps like a beta

*With information from Europa Press.

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