WhatsApp launches a novelty for users to earn money with their states

For a couple of years there has been talk of the possibility of WhatsApp including the presence of advertisements as part of a strategy by Meta, the current owner of the popular platform, to generate income through the large number of users it has. the application.

In fact, on some occasions Mark Zuckerberg himself has commented that you want to incorporate new experiences with advertising elements in the app instant messaging.

Now a report from WABetaInfo, a portal specialized in filtering WhatsApp news, has revealed the arrival of a new function called “Impulse status”, a tool that would operate in a similar way to the operation of Instagram ‘stories’ (stories) that have an ad. advertising.

WhatsApp is applying improvements for the business version. – Photo: NurPhoto via Getty Images

So that the users of the instant messaging service would have a resource to promote the diffusion of the states, which were created with a commercial or advertising purpose.

Added to this, said function would allow replicate the status on Facebook and Instagram to extend the reach of the ad through the other social platforms of Goal.

How does the WhatsApp status booster tool work?

According to a screenshot shared by the aforementioned medium, the new tool was designed for WhatsApp Business users, a version of the platform that is focused on brands.

WhatsApp launches a new feature called 'State Boost'.
WhatsApp launches a new feature called ‘State Boost’. – Photo: Screenshot by WABetaInfo

To use the option it is necessary to follow the following steps:

  • From the Business version access the ‘States’ tab
  • Touch the camera-shaped button to generate a new state
  • After creating the status, the user must touch the send option (located at the bottom of the screen).
  • Once the status has been shared, you will have to go to the views section, which indicates who saw the publication, there the option to ‘Boost status’ will appear.
  • When selecting the tool, a button will appear with the phrase ‘Continue on Facebook’ that will give the user access to ad customization tools to boost their publication on Facebook and Instagram
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Those who interact with these boosted states, would find a special button called ‘Click to go to WhatsApp’ that would take the Instagram or Facebook users of the instant messaging platform so they can have direct contact with the brand that generated the ad.

It is worth reiterating that the ‘driven statuses’ function is a novelty that is only available in WhatsApp Business, since it is a tool designed for brands that use the platform as a resource to have closer and more direct communication with their potentials. customers.

Nevertheless, this feature has not been enabled in bulk and some users may have to wait for an updatewhich would be released soon, to be able to start using the tool.

On the other hand, it is worth remembering that a couple of months ago it became known that Meta was working on a paid version of the instant messaging application called WhatsApp Premium.

What is WhatsApp Premium about?

It should be reiterated that WhatsApp Premium emerges as an optional paid service that will only apply to company accounts in the ‘Business’ edition, and for now it is a system that is being tested through the beta version of WhatsApp Business for Android devices.

Among the main characteristics that this option would offer is the possibility of have a personalized commercial link, which would help potential customers to quickly go to the official website of the brand. In addition to facilitating communication between users and the company quickly.

Added to this, the brands will have the option to link up to 10 devices to your accountthis with the purpose that several collaborators of the brand can manage the same account and thus serve a greater number of clients from WhatsApp.

Social networks
WhatsApp would have a paid version that would be aimed at companies that want to use the app to communicate with their customers. – Photo: Getty Images
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According to WABetaInfo, business beta accounts that currently have access to WhatsApp Premium will be able to withdraw from the paid subscription from an option that is present in the application settings.

It should be noted that still The rate that this new paid service would have is unknownsince the price of the subscription could vary depending on the country where this option is taken.

In the same way, it is important to emphasize that WhatsApp has not yet issued an official statement on how its premium service for companies will be implemented, nor has it explained the management that will be in its prices and all the functions that it would offer.

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