WhatsApp trick to find out if your partner deletes or hides conversations

Since communication and immediacy reached everyone’s hands thanks to smartphones, they have become an extension of people, since they There, professional, academic and personal tasks are carried out.

However, and in this sense, these computers have become a storage system for the personal and intimate life of each person, which makes it a confidential element to which others cannot and should not have access.

Networks and chats lend themselves to many activities. – Photo: NurPhoto via Getty Images

In that order of ideas, there are several chat applications where people interact and, in addition, could hide secrets between people and coupleswhich can lead to infidelities through these.

This is what happens with WhatsApp, where curiosity and often mistrust make people figure out if their partner is hiding something in this chat.

It should be remembered that in the latest WhatsApp update, and none, there is no native section or function where you can find out whether or not the person is hiding or maintaining a relationship with a third party.

However, there are several ways or tricks to find out if a person has deleted or archived chats with a contact. For it, First of all, there must be the consent and permission of the other person so that you can review and search for things on their cell phone, since if it does not exist, it would be a violation of privacy.

Following this, the person should go to the “Settings” section and there enter “Storage and Data”. While there, you must press the section called “Manage storage”.

whatsapp chat
Networks and chats lend themselves to many activities. – Photo: NurPhoto via Getty Images
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In this part, the number of GB that have been transferred through WhatsApp will appear, either in sent or received files.

In this same part, but below, is the list of contacts with whom the person has shared the largest number of multimedia files, so it would be assumed that they are the contacts that have the most interaction with the person.

Now, if some of these contacts are not in the recent chats, it could be assumed that this chat was deleted or that part of the conversation was also deleted.

The signs that indicate that a couple is unfaithful on WhatsApp

  • Does not lend the cell phone: When someone is being unfaithful, it is very recurring that they do not lend their cell phone and even do not leave it adrift. Likewise, you can get annoyed and aggressive if you try to grab the device, since you may have WhatsApp conversations that you do not want to be read.
  • Answer calls or messages secretly: This signal is very recurring and its purpose is to prevent the other person from knowing who they are talking to. Also, if you frequently leave the room or distance yourself, you may be cheating on your partner.
Social networks
Networks and chats lend themselves to many activities. – Photo: SOPA Images/LightRocket via Gett
  • Silenced notifications: This method is intended to hide messages from people you talk to frequently, especially the person who is unfaithful.
  • Archive WhatsApp chats: One of the most alarming signs that make it clear that they are being unfaithful is the archive of messages that arrive on the social network, since the couple is not supposed to hide anything.
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Finally, there are thousands of signs that can lead to suspicion of infidelity, which is why the best solution is to talk to your partner, with the aim of solving the problems or making it clear where the relationship is headed.

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