Where was The Last of Us filmed on HBO? We know the real places, and they are not the ones you thought

The Last of Us on HBO It is the series of the moment. We have already experienced its long-awaited end and now we have to be patient while we wait for news about Season 2, which has already been officially announced. So it is the ideal time to learn details and curiosities about the series, such as the places where its episodes were filmed. Did you know that most do not correspond to reality at all?

Alberta, Canada

Alberta is a province in the western region of Canada, where much of the filming took place. For example, just take a quick look at Canmore, Alberta in Google Maps to find places identical to those that we have seen in some of their moments, especially in which Joel and Ellie travel alone through winter territories. For example, a button:

Canmore Canada The Last of Us HBO actual filming locations


You can imagine Joel and Ellie crossing this bridge, right?

If we focus on the part in which Ellie ends up captive in the hands of David and his gang of hunters, the series was filmed in the vicinity of Lake Waterton, specifically in Waterton Park.

waterton park the last of us hbo filming


Jackson is far away Wyoming

Jackson is the town we met in The Last of Us: Part 2 (video game) and that in the HBO series has been integrated into the first season, just as Joel is finally reunited with Tommy. In the story of The Last of Us, the place in question is located in Wyoming, Cheyenne (United States). However, filming also took place almost 1,500 kilometers away in Canmore, Alberta (Canada).

Jackson town the last of us canmore canada


There are almost 1,500 kilometers between Wyoming and Canmore, Canada.

Where is really Boston?

Again, a long way from Boston. Some of the first episodes were shot in cities like Edmond and Calgary, both located in Alberta. Can you imagine Sarah scared out of one of those houses at night?

the last of us edmond calgary canada filming real locations


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