while she was crying injured, she received a loud ovation from the Real Madrid fans

Linda Caicedo had this Saturday, March 18, her first scare as a Real Madrid player since her arrival weeks ago. So far, everything about the coffee pot had been good news; debut, first score, ownership, among many other good comments that began to surround her participation with the white team.

However, all that euphoria for the star attacker of Colombian women’s soccer collapsed in the last few hours, when the team’s networks headlined: “At minute 38, Linda Caicedo had to be replaced due to injury and Feller took her place.

Linda Caicedo – Photo: Twitter: @/balagueraaa (API)

While playing date 22 of the English Women’s League, the Colombian faced an injury that immediately took her off the field. The fact turned the concern towards the health of the national soccer player who, during her match against Tenerife, she played as a starter.

The event occurred after the first 30 minutes of the match, while the Colombian was covering the left wing, when she met Verónica Herrera, a Venezuelan player signed by Tenerife, and while she was waiting to take the ball they both collided.

Linda Caicedo burst into tears after the hard blow
Linda Caicedo burst into tears after the hard blow – Photo: Getty/Twitter: @ArevaloJuanP

After the incident, the Colombian woman was left lying on the floor, touching her back as the primary source of her pain. Caicedo had to be treated by medical experts and removed from the field. Although she returned some time later to continue in the game, the Colombian had to say goodbye to the grass minutes later, and this last decision caused much more impact on her.

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The Colombian’s reaction before leaving the field showed her nostalgia, to the point that other soccer players from the opposing team went to the site to console her and encourage her. Caicedo, sitting on the floor, She put her hand to her face to hide her crying, heartbroken at having to leave the game, and gave herself to the support of her colleagues until the paramedics arrived for her.

After that, on his walkway to the substitutes’ bench, where he was seen walking without problems, it was possible to show that the reception of the ‘merengue’ fans towards Linda has been completely good. An ovation from the stands went viral on social networks, where harangues and loud applause were heard.

The soccer player, in the midst of her desolation due to the pain she had felt, returned the affection by raising her hand and with a shy face that showed that she felt loved by those attending the stadium. Finally, the match at the Alfredo Di Stéfano ended in favor of Tenerife due to a goal in the second half by María José Pérez.

part of tranquility

An authorized voice in the last few hours gave the first piece of peace of mind about the health of Linda Caicedo. Who spoke was Cisco Terreros, representative of the soccer player who assured in conversation with Snail gol that it was all part of a slight scare: “It’s fine now, 100%.”

In addition, he complemented in detail about what had happened at field level and that, in principle, it did not bode well for the protagonist’s tears: “It was only a blow to the back, to the coccyx. They checked it well after the game.”

Linda Caicedo started with Real Madrid Femenino.  Photo: Real Madrid.
Linda Caicedo started with Real Madrid Femenino. Photo: Real Madrid. – Photo: Photo: Real Madrid.
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To conclude, he said that the following days will be positive for Caicedo and that soon he will once again be on par with his teammates at Real Madrid: “On Monday he has small therapy and he starts training again on Tuesday.”

If she fully recovers during the week, the Colombian could be considered for her first classic against Barcelona, ​​scheduled for next Saturday, March 25, starting at 12:15 p.m. (Colombian time), which will be broadcast by DAZN, service streaming dedicated to sporting events.

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