Who invented the images of dinosaurs dressed as different professionals? All about this curious trend

In recent days, users of social networks have been able to see in different profiles the circulation of images that, in addition to inspiring tenderness, have as protagonists different baby dinosaurs dressed in characteristic outfits of different professions. At the same time as the image, the name given to this extinct animal has also aroused curiosity.

Abogasaurus, Surgeonisaur, Dentisaurus, etc., are just some of those that have circulated on the web, being shared by those who feel identified with these curious animals or filling the inbox of those who practice these professions and have received the photographs.

Although there are many publications that roam the internet and whose protagonists are these extinct beings that inhabited the earth millions of years ago, everything indicates that it is a campaign of the Instagram account identified under the name of @the_ai_dreams.

This is an illustration made with Artificial Intelligence about the Colombian soccer teams; This is how Junior de Barranquilla would look like according to this technology. – Photo: @VargasSanin

In it, and resorting to Artificial Intelligence, its administrators have dedicated themselves to publishing images and illustrations created under this new technology, managing to flood the networks with these curious graphics.

Apparently, this account has used lMidjourney technology, through which Internet users can give a series of instructions for the tool to create illustrations and drawings like these.

After seeing the result, the curious users began to download them and baptize them with the striking names, to then quickly viralize them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, among other social networks.

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@the_ai_dreams has not only published dinosaurs with certain professions, they have also started to give them another twist by dressing them in typical costumes from different countries around the worldIn addition, in the profile, there are also dogs and cats with the characteristic outfits of different movies or series such as Harry Potter and Merlina.

The lion has been related to the official mascot of Santa Fe since the last century.
The lion has been related to the official mascot of Santa Fe since the last century. – Photo: @VargasSanin

Tricks to get the most out of ChatGPT

Use GPT Chat in WhatsApp

Initially you need to access a website called ‘God in a Box’there you will have to log in using a Google account together with the phone number of the device where the apps WhatsApp.

Upon completing this process, the user will be able to start generating a conversation with artificial intelligence, however, the service manages a limit of 10 messages per month along with a paid option to use the service unlimited.

It is worth mentioning that the tool can be used from a computer or phone, since the platform is executed from a web browser. We have done the steps through a computer, but the steps are exactly the same if they are done through a mobile.

Query more precisely for better results

Despite the fact that the chatbot’s AI has the ability to answer almost any question that the user asks, it is ideal to have a structure for the queries that are made on the platform. If you want the platform to generate a long text, ideally ands specify the length and specify the theme that must be developed in the answer.

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It is also recommended to incorporate the name of an author, essay or book, a default shape and even a specific tone. In fact, this same resource can be used to generate a summary with the outstanding elements of certain literary works or other texts.

Using GPT Chat as a learning tool

Users can turn to AI as a help to expand their knowledge on certain topics that are of interest to them, for example, it is possible to ask it to make a list of the most recognized books in the magical realism genre, or request suggestions for documentaries to better understand the phenomena that occur in outer space.

Microprocessor and AI
Artificial intelligence has been all the rage in recent days; its use has been involved in different sectors. – Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Artificial intelligence may even be asked to make a brief summary of each book, documentary, film in order to have initial information about them.

Means of answering emails

By using the ‘Chat GPT Writer’ plug-in for the Google Chrome browser, the user can generate a reply text for their emails. Thanks to this option, a person You will not have to invest a lot of time to answer your emails properly.

Integrate AI with Google

Currently it is possible to use GPT Chat from Google, in order to find answers to certain queries and without having to open the website of that artificial intelligence. For this it is only necessary install the ‘Chat GPT for Google’ extension in Google Chrome.

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