Why ‘We are lady parts’ is the series you should be watching

‘I’m gonna kill my sister’ is one of the first punk hymns of the ‘Lady parts’ that we heard in the series ‘We are Lady Parts’ available on Filmin. The lyric “I’m going to kill my sister because she has stolen my eye liner. It’s an honor killing”, is followed by ‘Voldemort under my turban’ and other hits from the initiatory punk band. Behind all his transgression, anger and feminist fight there are some adorable characters that they are non-conformist like their lyrics and that they don’t fit any stereotype.

Despite having character and authentic great songs, they feel that the band is missing something, in addition to the public and fans. Well, actually, that’s what you think. Saira (Sarah Kameela Impey), the idealistic singer, guitarist and leader of the Lady Parts whose life revolves around the band, even while working at his uncle’s butcher shop. His goal is to enter a band contest, but for that think they need a lead guitarist and convinces the others to look for her. They are Bisma (Faith Omole)Nigerian-born cartoonist and bassist; Ayesha (Juliette Motamed), the British Iraqi battery driving an Uber during the day; and Momtaz (Lucie Shorthouse)con artist, dealer and manager of the band who dreams of having her own record label and exudes self-confidence.

Saira will find what she is looking for in Amina, played by Anjana Vasan who will sound familiar to you because she was an apprentice assassin in ‘Killing Eve’, and who couldn’t be further from the image of the Lady Parts. She is a diligent student of Microbiology, an excellent guitar player and a hopeless romantic who dreams of a husband and a traditional life. Precisely in her pursuit of the dream of getting married, she will come across the Lady Parts. The small drawback is that she suffers from stage fright since she was little and when she is on a stage in front of the public she cannot suppress the vomit. Still, Saira is convinced that under the pastel tones she wears she hides a true punk soul.

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The creator of 'We are Lady Parts' Nida Manzoor, together with the protagonists of the series.

Nida Manzoor is the creator of this story that is freely inspired by his own experiences in dissident collectives in London. “It has been a cathartic, almost therapeutic experience. I have captured my fears and anxieties in the characters,” she explains. The series explores cultural and religious identity, music as a form of expression, and the fight for female empowerment. “Religion is part of their identities as women who want to find their voices and find their place in a world where they are not allowed to be and express themselves, especially as artists. But the series is not about them and their faith, it’s about about his confidence when it comes to raising his voice and finding his audience”, he clarifies.

And since we have come to tell you why you should be watching this series right now, here are the reasons: because You’re going to laugh, it’s going to leave you feeling very good and it’s going to help you get rid of prejudices; because its protagonists, without exception, are adorable; for the soundtrack and because you are only going to invest two hours of your time and you will be left wanting more. But don’t worry because there will be a second season.

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