Willow says goodbye to Disney +: the second season has been canceled

Disney has taken action with Willow. The live action series says goodbye forever with the cancellation of the second season. The news appears exclusively on the Deadline portal, which attributes the decision to the reduction in spending on content within the production company, which seeks to boost its net profits.

Deadline stresses that the brand “will continue to be important” within the Lucasfilm catalog, so the door is not closed for us to see it in other types of projects. What is clear is that it will not be in the form of this series, sequel to the original 1988 film.


Lucasfilm Ltd.

The series concluded its first season on January 11. The eighth episode left several fronts open for a possible continuation. Unfortunately that will not be the case. At the moment You can watch it in full on Disney+.

Willow, the hallmark of Warwick Davis

The actor returned to the front page as the protagonist of this new edition of the saga. At Sklaper we had the opportunity to interview him as part of a round table. “My perception is that he is obviously older. Usually you nurture your character with your own personality. As I’ve gotten older, Willow has, too,” she confessed.

He recognized that the character he was playing was “older and wiser, just like me in real life”. Since 1988 “he has learned a lot”, which allowed him to translate it into his interpretation as well: “Many things have happened in his life, he has gone through dark stages. Instead of fighting and trying to keep us all young, I’ve tried to help give it more depth.”

His leading role demanded a lot from him during filming, since it appears “in almost all sequences”. Of course, it does not hold him back: “I love challenges, I have lived my whole life facing challenges, so they are not new to me at all.” You can read the full text by clicking on this link.

Source: Deadline

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