Wilmar Roldán and the unusual mistake in the match between Junior and Santa Fe

This Saturday (March 18) at night the match between Independiente Santa Fe and Junior de Barranquilla was played. It was the debut of the Antioquia coach Hernán Darío Gómez with the Barranquilla team that has not yet taken off.

The match ended 1-1 and, among the protagonists of the match, was the referee Wilmar Roldánwho lived an uncomfortable moment after he forgot his cards, the same ones with which he would impose order on the playing field.

At minute 7 of the game, Independiente Santa Fe’s player, Jonathan Barboza, committed a foul that earned him a yellow card. It was at that moment that Roldán sent his hand to his pocket to remove the cardboard. and he realized that he had left them in the dressing room.

The match between the Bogota team and the Barranquillero team. – Photo: Dimayor

Therefore, to Roldán He had no choice but to ask his partner, assistant referee John León de Caldas, for help. who immediately lent him the cards to continue the game.

Roldán’s unusual mistake occurred, on purpose, in his 400th match as a professional referee.

Entertaining game in the Metropolitan of Barranquilla

Both goals (from Junior and Santa Fe) that occurred in the first half, They were outstanding plays that were executed from their plans to perfection by each of the teams. The ‘shark’ box used direct play with a pass from Verdugo, who capitalized on half ‘chalaca’ Hernández and left goalkeeper Silva unanswered.

Going down on the scoreboard, the Bogota reds felt that they could turn the result around and created clear options to meet the objective. Wilson Morelo throughout the game had two clear ones, in one he crashed the ball with his head against the horizontal, while in the other he defined in a bad way before the goalkeeper Viera was drained.

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Despite these failures, Santa Fe created what has been the best play conceived in 2023. One that started from the back line and had the participation of all the field players, with passes they were taking the play to the rival area, where a pass from Enamorado broke the junior defense to leave the ball served by Morelo who joined Rojas who finally assisted Wilfrido de la Rosa.

Juanfer Quintero clears up the rumors and leaves Junior at a difficult time

Juan Fernando Quintero set off the alarms in the Colombian National Team this week, after he was not called up for the commitment between Junior de Barranquilla and Independiente Santa Fe, valid for the ninth day of the BetPlay 2023-I League.

According to Caracol Radio, the midfielder had a little physical discomfort in the middle of training and questioned his presence in the national team. In addition, he indicated that the final decision was made by the Tricolor doctors.

Juan Fernando Quintero lamenting after the elimination of Junior.
Juan Fernando Quintero was not in Junior’s last game. – Photo: AFP

“Junior is going to inform the doctors of the National Team about Juanfer’s situation. The way things are going, it will be difficult for him to travel (with Colombia to date Fifa). It will be up to the doctors to make the decision.” specified the correspondent in the Atlantic capital.

The midfielder, however, reappeared this weekend on his personal Instagram account and shared an image from a plane, making it clear that he will be part of the National Team’s squad for the next friendlies.

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In the image, which quickly went viral on different social networks, it can be seen that Quintero placed the Colombian flag. Likewise, he did not hide his joy at returning to Tricolor.

Despite the fact that he was at the Metropolitano stadium, the Antioquia footballer left Junior at a rather difficult time, Well, the rojiblanco club is located in the lower part of the national rented position table and has just changed coaches.

It should be remembered that the shark squad has only won one game in the current championship and was recently eliminated from the 2023 Copa Sudamericana after losing against Deportes Tolima.

Quintero signed with Junior for 3 years
Quintero signed with Junior in a training session with Junior. – Photo: @JuniorClubSA

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