With humor, Elon Musk revealed who would be his “replacement” as the new CEO of Twitter

The magnate Elon Musk, owner of Twitter, announced that “someone else” could take over the reins of the social network by the end of 2023, which, under his direction, has gone through “roller coasters”, between controversies and technical problems.

“I imagine that probably towards the end of this year, it will be a good time to find another person to run the company”, declared from a forum in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates. “I have to stabilize the organization, make sure that it is in a healthy situation and that the roadmap is clearly defined,” he added.

Elon Musk at the World Government Summit in Dubai – Photo: getty Images / Anadolu Agency

In his opinion, Twitter should be “in a stable situation towards the end of this year.”

The management of Musk, who paid some 44 million dollars for the social network in October 2022, has generated multiple controversies among users. “It has been a roller coaster,” acknowledged the billionaire. In fact, in late December 2022, Musk first announced that he planned to step down as head of the network, and that he was looking for “someone pretty crazy” to take over from him.

It is worth remembering that since his arrival, Twitter has registered massive layoffs, the return to the platform of accounts that were prohibited and the suspension of journalists critical of the tycoon.

For example, the tweets Racist or hate messages have multiplied, which has generated concern among internet regulators and the flight of large advertisers, Twitter’s main income.

Elon Musk introduced his replacement

Through his Twitter account, Elon Musk officially presented -and with a lot of humor- who would be his replacement at the head of the popular platform.

“The new CEO of Twitter is amazing”Musk wrote. In his publication, the tycoon included a photograph of a dog in a black jacket and the “CEO” badge. The animal appears seated at an elegant desk, as if it were the head of a prestigious company.

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“Much better than the other subject”Elon Musk noted in a comment. ‘Shibetoshi Nakamoto’ (@BillyM2k), a popular Twitter user with more than two million followers, replied: “I think he was the only one crazy enough to take the job”.

“It’s perfect for work”added the tycoon.

So far, Musk’s trill has accumulated more than 720,000 ‘Likes’ and 53,000 ‘Retweets’.

A tweeter responded that apparently the dog was the only one crazy enough to take the job.
A tweeter responded that apparently the dog was the only one crazy enough to take the job. – Photo: Screenshot Twitter @elonmusk

For These Reasons Twitter Is Retiring Old Blue Verifications

During the last months, the social network Twitter has been in the eye of the hurricane after Elon Musk acquired it and, with it, new changes to the platform were announced. Some of these updates have been linked to the monetary factor, that is, under the premise of getting more profits from the operation of the app.

has also arrived Twitter Blue and along with this the color of the verification badges, in some cases, has changed, which has made them now appear in gray and gold tones.

In fact, what has been estimated is that those who wish to obtain a verified profile on the social network can pay for it. However, the blue badges have still remained and that is when the question arises as to whether to worry about these changes or, on the contrary, there is an explanation for it.

Musk's new Twitter policies have advertisers worried.
Musk also designed new policies for advertisers on Twitter. – Photo: AFP

At the time, the blue badge on Twitter verified an account for reasons such as the influence and relevance of the profile where artists, rulers and important public figures acquired it, but, among recent announcements, Musk has not ruled out that this type of verification will disappear over time.

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A user has asked the tycoon about the insignia and the change in hue, for which the man has written in Twitter comments: “Twitter’s blue check is deeply corrupted, so it will be gone in the next few months.”

With this, the experts have contemplated that Elon Musk’s previous statements about the scope of the subscriptions of Twitter Blue.

In that order of ideas, the blue checks that still remain have a message that should appear the moment the badge is clicked and says: “This verified account is old. It may or may not be relevant.Regardless of the user, that is, no matter how many celebrities or recognized companies have their profile verified on the blue bird social network, the ad must remain.

On the other hand, regarding the gray badges, it has been announced that the changes will not be radical. This tonality is obtained by representatives of the governments of each country, such as the president of the United States Joe Biden. However, it must be emphasized that not all nations should have this option.

On the same slope, the golden insignia are from “accounts that are verified because they are official companies on Twitter”according to the same social network.

Although Elon Musk has said that the blue verification would disappear, the entrepreneur and technology leader has not given an exact date for that purpose. Likewise, he has not expressed whether new badges with other ranges of colors would be included. However, it has not been ruled out that the accounts that are currently verified and have the message “may or may not be relevant” may be affected.

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