With this chatbot you “will be able to talk” with Taylor Swift, Harry Potter or Gandalf

The Bing search engine ‘chatbot’ hides a celebrity mode that makes artificial intelligence (AI) respond to the user in the way the famous person would, as if they were interviewing him.

The new Bing with AI has a series of modes that allow you to transform the personality of the ‘chatbot’ so that it interacts with the user as if it were an assistant, plays with him or helps him solve a personal problem.

Chatbots complement the different artificial intelligences. – Photo: Getty Images

The usual one, and established by default, is the browser mode, but through a command headed by the hash symbol (#) activates the selection of the chat mode and choose Sydney, Assistant or Friend.

As detailed in Bleeping Computer, these modes are experimental. However, one more has been added to the list, so that the user can select the celebrity mode.

On this occasion, what it does is simulate that the user is talking to a famous person. This virtual version will answer questions about his life, his career and his hobbies and will do so in the style that the real person would.

As the aforementioned medium clarifies, this mode currently only admits a small number of celebrities, including Elon Musk, Tom Cruise, Taylor Swift, Dwayne Johnson, Beyoncé and Oprah Winfrey. You can also adopt the personality of fictional characters such as Harry Potter, Batman, Elsa, Yoda, Gandalf or Katniss Everdeen.

On the other hand, Microsoft has also introduced two other modes that allow you to profile the personality of the search engine, so that it offers more creative or more precise answers.

The American singer Taylor Swift is in the best moment of her artistic career
Users would speak to a representation of Taylor Swift. – Photo: Getty Images / Sarah Morris / Staff Photographer
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Windows 11 is updated: so you can use the artificial intelligence of Bing in the taskbar

Microsoft announced that its revamped Bing search engine, powered for a few days with artificial intelligence (AI), has been integrated into the Windows 11 taskbar, with a box that can be typed directly to get search results.

The technology company presented the new versions of its Bing search engine and its Edge browser at the beginning of February, when it indicated that from then on they would be based on the ChatGPT chatbot, developed by OpenAI.

Microsoft has now commented that the new Bing already has a shortcut in the Windows 11 interface, by integrating it into your taskbar, with a search box that you can type in to get all the results.

Windows 11 embeds Bing with AI into the operating system.
Windows 11 embeds Bing with AI into the operating system. – Photo: Microsoft Official / Supplied by Week

This feature is already available for users of the preview from Bing, they will need to install the latest search engine update to access it.

Along with this new functionality, Microsoft has presented a series of features focused on connectivity with Phone Linkwhich is already available for iOS and has updated its version for Android in order to strengthen the link between terminals and Windows PCs.

On the other hand, he has commented that The chat feature has been “totally” revamped, making it easier to preview an incoming call or share a link to one through an app.

Windows 11 also debuts with its latest new update widget to include Phone Link, Xbox Game Pass and other partner platforms of the manufacturer, such as Meta and Spotify, among others.

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The Snipping tool also expands its capabilities, now allowing you to capture, save, and share videos directly in the app. Meanwhile, new accessibility features have been established with support for braille displays and enhanced voice access in key applications.

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