Yoreli Rincón, hurt by her veto in the Colombian National Team: “nobody raised their voices”

Colombian women’s soccer is a reality for the country. Important participation of the National Team in the recent World Cups, in addition to the constant departure of players to the best teams in the world, show that little by little the coffee makers are turning this sport into a show card.

Fortunately, for those who are now, it is a consequence of the fight waged by older players like Isabella Echeverri, Vanessa Córdoba and Yoreli Rincónall vetoed at the time for asking for guarantees for the practice of discipline, as well as a dignified league that has not been executed so far, but it is recognized that it has had improvements.

Yoreli Rincón has been relevant to her team since her arrival in Italy. – Photo: Official Social Media Photos

In the last few hours, the midfielder who plays in Italy gave an interview to the newspaper Vanguard. Over there She showed her pain at not being called to the Colombian National Team: “After they banned me from the National Team, there was not a single approach. It is assumed that the Colombian National Team is the merit of the athlete for his performance, but for three years it has been seen that they have valued me extra-sportsmanlike because of some statements I gave ”.

“At the moment I raised my voice, support was promised and when they vetoed me, there was not someone who raised their voice and said that they were receiving the benefits for someone who raised their voice. In fact, in some interviews, some of the colleagues assure that there is not a single veto in the selection because obviously they cannot play with their plate of food, because if they accept it they are in danger, ”she added.

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“Later, a group of Vanessa (Córdoba), (Natalia) Gaitán and Isabella (Echeverri) took the voice. Also in the end the three were left alone and coincidentally they did not appear in a call, ”she closed.

Rincón, who has been breaking his silence, gave another recent interview to Caracol Radio and told how he has handled the issue of not wearing his country’s jersey.

Isabella Echeverri, Vanessa Córdoba and Yoreli Rincón
Isabella Echeverri, Vanessa Córdoba and Yoreli Rincón. – Photo: @yorelirincon/@isabellaecheverri11/vcordoba1 on Instagram

“The issue when they ask me about the Colombian National Team is difficult to explain, because it is not my decision, as they make you see. Do you want to return or do you not want to return? They have never asked me either, they have not given me the option, simply I was completely banned, but they never gave me the option at least and they never qualified me again in terms of sport as it should be done in the National Team, both for men and women; each call is for current yields, ”she said without mincing words.

The senior women’s national team is classified for the World Cup in Australia and New Zealand, which will be held between July 20 and August 20. Yoreli has wished all the categories the best, she was even one of the first to speak out publicly when Carlos Paniagua’s tricolor led the country to a world final with the under-17s for the first time.

“It is a fairly competitive National Team, it has been showing it, it has a good group of young players and experienced players. They have been doing very important tournaments, very important matches and I have a huge desire that they play a good role in the World Cup”, he indicated.

Isabella Echeverri with the Colombian Women's National Team.
Isabella Echeverri with the Colombian Women’s National Team. – Photo: Getty Images
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He made it clear that, despite knowing that it is vetoed by the leaders of the Colombian Football Federation, he will never lose the illusion of representing the coffee growers again.

“Wearing the Colombian National Team shirt, I can be 50 years old and the desire does not go away, because it is pride and that is why I really started playing soccer when I was six or seven years old. But I already killed the pain. They asked me and I answered from my anger and my frustration, but I learned to channel that and understand that it is something that gets out of my hands and my current sports issue “he said on Caracol Radio.

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