You buy a PC and it arrives broken by transport, what should you do?

It can happen: you buy a complete new PC in your trusted online store; you have carefully selected all the components, you have trusted the professional assembly from the store, and you’re at home anxiously waiting for the shipping company to deliver it. But, when it arrives, you realize that something is wrong, and when you open the box you realize that the pc is broken or with some damaged components… how should you proceed if it happens to you?

No matter how hard the store tries to protect your new PC, and no matter how careful the packaging is, accidents can happen; Either due to the carelessness of the transport company in charge of delivering your new PC, or because accidents happen and little can be done about it, you will not always receive your PC in optimal conditions, so be prepared because you are going to have to embark in an odyssey to solve the problem.

Check the box for damage and call the store

It is not the same to receive a PC that has some cosmetic damage on the outside because the package has received some blow, than to receive the PC with one or more damaged components due to poor handling or because the store has not adequately protected it.

We have seen cases of PCs that have arrived with a damaged plastic part or with a broken tempered glass side, but we have also seen cases in which it seems that they have played soccer with the box and in which the interior of the equipment was so damaged that the processor heatsink was cracked and even the RAM modules had “jumped” out of their place and were loose around the box.

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Therefore, even if you are anxious to receive your new PC, if at the time it is delivered you realize that the box is quite damaged on the outside (take a look at the example images that we have put above) it is very important that tell the carrier. He will tell you what the transport agency’s policy is like in this regard and if:

  • You can refuse receipt of the merchandise. They will send it to the store again and they will claim the transport agency.
  • You have to call the transport agency to file a claim for damage to the merchandise.

In any case, contact the store immediately where you bought the PC (if it can be in the presence of the carrier better), and that they tell you the steps to follow; they may tell you to return the PC as it came to you, or they may urge you to take it out of the box and examine it specifically for damage.

What to do if something is broken on the PC

Despite what we have told you so far, it is possible that either the box does not have appreciable scratches on the outside or that you did not notice when you received the package, and that you do not realize that something is broken until you you take the PC out of the box. This is the most normal, but don’t worry because it also has a solution.

broken pc

The first step is again contact the store and ask them how to proceed. Normally, the store has transport insurance and they will take care of the claim and the management, and the result should always be that you end up having your PC working in perfect condition (the store will have to make a living for it, after all). After all, it’s not your problem. You may have to go around calling the shipping company and providing proof (photos) of how you received the PC and what was broken during transport… unfortunately, this is something you have to go through.

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The important thing is that you follow to the letter what the store tells you, and that you do not try to “fix” the problem yourself (open the PC, mount what has been released, etc.) unless the store expressly tells you to do so , since otherwise they could blame you by saying that the problem has been caused by bad handling.

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