You can now drive Vesrtappen’s Red Bull in your own home, although the price is not for all budgets

Red Bull and Memento Exclusives have reached an agreement to launch what from this very moment will become the wish of every Fórmula 1 lover: an official simulator mounted on part of a real car. Of course, it has the simulation program that the drivers used to learn all the ins and outs of each circuit and master every detail of the car in the 2022 season.

Official F1 Red Bull Vesrtappen simulator


Going into details, the simulator is built following a process identical to that of the creation of RB18, the car with which Marx Verstappen won the Formula 1 World Championship last yearso it is not surprising that it is not a product for all budgets: the models with included software cost around 87,000 without the front wing and 116,000 $ with it. With Red Bull designs but without most of the parts or software included, you have the chassis from 1,124 $, an interesting option —take a look here— for players who want to build a game station with it.


Too expensive? F1 22 is the solution

Let’s be serious: we are talking about a product designed for enthusiasts and the price is no more than a reflection of its production costs. After all, it is the professional drivers themselves who use one to prepare before getting into the car and going out on the track. Luckily, video games have come a long way when it comes to simulation. and a good example of this is F1 22, the official FIA (International Automobile Federation) licensed title that is available on PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series XS and Xbox One.

The new era of F1″, we titled in our analysis of the game (8.3 out of 10). A new installment that adapts to the new rules of Formula 1 and that left a very good taste in our mouths after trying it thoroughly. “It draws on what has been built throughout the past generation to offer another year a solid product, with a diverse offer and taking care of the license as Codemasters has accustomed us to”, we said about it. Here you can know everything it offers.

Source | F1 Authentics

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