You can now try the new Bing without waiting

Microsoft continues to keep the new Bing in tests, something understandable given that there is still work to be done, and that changes are also made daily, both in the AI ​​model it uses, and that as we told you yesterday is based on GPT-4, as in its functions. The last one, in this regard, is that The number of messages per conversation has already increased to 15, in a clear sign that the company’s plans are to make much longer conversations possible. In this regard, we must remember that, at its launch, it did not have a limit in this regard, but after the identification of some problems, a strict limitation was imposed, of only five, which, however, has been growing since then.

It is becoming increasingly clear that Microsoft, and also OpenAI, have managed to get quite a head start on Google, which has already announced both Bard and the integration of new AI-based features in Docs and Gmail, but in both cases only for a small group of users. trusted testers, and no date (at least public) for its arrival to common userseven if it is in beta phase, with all the implications that this entails.

On the day of the new Bing announcement, Microsoft opened a waiting list, and the first invitations began arriving less than a week after the announcement. Since then this system has been maintained in order to access the service, with an indeterminate waiting time that, yes, it was possible to speed up by following the recommendations given by Microsoft for this purpose.

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You can now try the new Bing without waiting

As I said, it is still necessary to sign up for the waiting list to try the new Bing, something you can do by clicking in this linkbut since a few hours ago after clicking on the button to sign up for the new Bing test program we will receive access immediately. I have carried out the test with two Microsoft accounts that did not have access and had not been registered in the previous list, and in both I was able to access the chatbot at that very moment.

This is a very bold move on Microsoft’s part. It is true that, for the moment, it continues to limit access to it to Microsoft Edge (although here we will tell you how to bypass that limitation), but given the enormous interest that it has been able to arouse with the new Bing, we can expect its use to grow in volume. users in a more than substantial way, and precisely at a time when, because it is based on GPT-4, many more people will want to try it.

So, if you were curious about the new Bing and/or GPT-4, but for whatever reason you hadn’t signed up for the waiting list, the good news is that you can access it immediately. Of course, as we already anticipated yesterday, at least for now the chatbot does not have all the functions of the new OpenAI model, such as the possibility of carrying out queries combining text and images. However, seeing how strongly Microsoft has invested in its new search engine, who knows? It may not take us too long to see that this feature has also been integrated in some way.

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