“You have to do justice with what is fair”

‘Without tracks’ arrives at Prime Video with Carolina Yuste and Camila Sodi playing two cleaners who find a corpse and they flee from the scene of the crime taking something that is not theirs by mistake. When they realize it is already too late and some Russians are chasing them to kill them and the police are looking for them for something they have not done. The question is who wants to carry the dead and how can they prove their innocence. It is about “a simple premise” as Carlos de Pando, one of the ‘showrunners’, tells us, but difficult to raise with the “mixture of genres and tones that it has”. Because the series that is set in Alicante is a comedy, but also a thriller, a western, a road trip, an adventures with some romantic comedy and political and real estate corruption.

Making everything paste is not easy and they not only achieve it, but also The result is an intelligent and very enjoyable series with characters that you inevitably end up loving.. The leading actresses themselves speak of their characters as two wonderful women who “because of their circumstances” become inseparable friends who “help each other and support each other.” The couple exudes chemistry throughout the eight episodes of the series and they explain that the key is the sorority of both the characters and the work they have done. “When you work or relate from sonority there is no competition, you shine, I shine and we shine together,” defends Sodi. Mexican actress too highlights the absence of sexualization of the characters. “They’re not sexualized, they’re not seen through the filter of the male gaze, and that’s very refreshing as a viewer as well,” she explains. A piece of information that confirms this is that her characters spend the series running away and, except in flashbacks, they wear the same clothes. “I was wearing that shirt for six months and now I have it at home,” Yuste tells an anecdote.

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Sara Antuña, also showrunner of the series, explains what they wanted to say with ‘Sin huellas’: “I fancy an adventure and I want it to be entertaining and fun and touch on all kinds of topics that interest me.” Because The fact that it is an entertaining, fun and light series does not have to mean that it does not talk about important topics. “For us, comedy is always a very cool vehicle to talk about dramas and more so in a country like ours where we have the relief of mourning very much in mind and we do comedy as a way to escape pain,” says De Pando.

Who are the characters

In this adventure Desi and Cata are not alone, in fact the fiction has a very choral cast. On the one hand Silvia Alonso is Irene, policeman and, coincidentally, Desi’s ex-partner; and she works with another agent, Luis (Adrian Grösser). The Roselló family, to which the deceased belongs and which owns one of the great fortunes of Alicante, is made up of Marisa Roselló (María Esteve), her husband Nestor Máñez (Borja Luna)), and the brother of the deceased Eduardo Roselló as Alex Gadea. Pavel Anton and Beka Lemonjava play Yuri and Sergei, the Russians hired to chase the protagonists. Leonardo Ortizgris plays Ubaldo, Catalina’s ex-husband. Abraham Arenas and Pastora Vega are Miguel and Mariana, respectively, Desiré’s brother and mother.

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