Zachary Levy (Shazam!) and his problematic anti-vax stance

Shazam returns to theaters with its sequel, Shazam! The fury of the gods. Everything has followed its course, despite the slap on the wrist possibly received by its protagonist, Zachary Leviafter declaring last January on Twitter that considers Pfizer a danger. He was accused of anti-vaccine and he was even reminded that he had previously issued cutting messages transphobein addition to being an admirer of controversial characters, precisely for maintaining both ideologies.

Perhaps because of the possibility of being removed from the saga when surrounded by controversy, the leading actor in Shazam backtracked and distanced himself from the anti-vaccine position. He noted that it was referring to another Pfizer controversy. However, he had already made statements against vaccines previously.

In addition, he maintains a good relationship with Joe Rogan, who in his day gave a lot of talk for spreading misinformation about the coronavirus. Because of all this, even if one tries to separate the character from the actor, today it is inevitable to remember those statements, which once again show that a public figure must be careful with what he comments, since he has a very large speaker.

Shazam and the anti-vaccination position

Clinical trials of coronavirus vaccines, as well as those of any other drug, went from phase III to phase IV. This is the one in which, once they are already openly administered to the population, checked for any rare side effects not observed in the early stages.

For this reason, to this day, studies continue to be published that maintain that Pfizer vaccinesdeveloped with messenger RNA technology, they are safe. Yes, there have been some unwanted effects, but not in a greater proportion than other drugs and, of course, not in such a way that the great benefits they provide are exceeded.

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In fact, it is estimated that coronavirus vaccines were able to save 20 million lives in their first year. It is an important figure, which should not be forgotten now that the pandemic begins to be seen with a little more distance. Anti-vaccine messages are still dangerous. Especially if they come from people so media as the protagonist of Shazam, which is why such a stir was generated at the time.

Also transphobic messages

As a result of that publication about Pfizer, there has also been talk of Levi’s transphobic messages. Actually, he has not made statements on the matter directly, but there was some controversy with this issue.

It all happened after the psychologist and youtuber Jordan Peterson declare the gender affirmation Nazi and name the trans actor Elliott Page with his former name. Shortly after, and despite the fact that even YouTube rebuked Peterson, the Shazam star declared in an interview with Joe Rogan that he considered Jordan Peterson one of the deepest thinkers he had ever heard.

But not only did he show his admiration, but when rogan himself he confused the actor’s gender again, he did not correct him. On purpose or not? They are controversies that should be clarified. What is clear is that both anti-vaccine and anti-trans messages can be very dangerous. One way or another, both can put lives in danger. That is why it is important to try to keep them away from media environments. If Levi has really received a slap on the wrist for it and it has served him, we will surely know soon. Many interviews will come after the premiere of the new installment of Shazam.

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